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26 March 2021
Best places to sail to in the world

5 best places to sail to at least one in a lifetime

The question a US yacht charter company asked a selected sample of 100 regular customers (for at least 10 years) and experienced sailors was fascinating: where […]
21 March 2021

Full-batten mainsail? This system will solves all problems

Full-batten mainsails (i.e. with battens running along its entire width) usually require an efficient sliding system. The common mainsail luff is not enough: usually, a special […]
14 March 2021
Albert Einstein sailor

Albert Einstein and his endless passion for sailing

It was his favourite sport. ” Sailing is the only sport which demands no physical effort“, he said. Albert Einstein was not only the greatest scientist […]
10 March 2021
Grand Dalton catamaran

Grant Dalton to build a 36-knot power catamaran

These days, one of the most discussed issues of America’s Cup is the speed of Team New Zealand AC75 yacht, rival of Luna Rossa (Covid permitting) […]
18 February 2021
Polarquest 2018

Sailing in the North Pole and looking for a missing airship, they find plastic

There is a beautiful exhibition in Cagliari, in Via S.Salvatore da Horta 2, until November 30th. It called “82 ° 07’Nord- on a sailing boat on […]