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10 March 2021
Grand Dalton catamaran

Grant Dalton to build a 36-knot power catamaran

These days, one of the most discussed issues of America’s Cup is the speed of Team New Zealand AC75 yacht, rival of Luna Rossa (Covid permitting) […]
18 February 2021
Polarquest 2018

Sailing in the North Pole and looking for a missing airship, they find plastic

There is a beautiful exhibition in Cagliari, in Via S.Salvatore da Horta 2, until November 30th. It called “82 ° 07’Nord- on a sailing boat on […]
18 February 2021
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg becomes a sailor. She will get America by boat

The world’s most famous 16-year-old girl Greta Thunberg is going to become a sailor. The young Swedish crusader for the planet ecological turning point wants to […]
17 February 2021
Isle Porquerolles, France, 28 september 2016.

How to drop the anchor without destroying the seabed

When cruising, there is nothing better than dropping the anchor to fully enjoy the surrounding nature. However, some precautions are essential not to damage the seabed. […]
17 February 2021
boat hydraulic system leaks

HOW TO – How to identify leaks in your boat hydraulic system?

Water leaks in a boat hydraulic system usually occur in the connection points of the pipes, so they must be carefully examined with the system under […]
15 February 2021
vitalia II

Vitalia II, the legendary catamaran to sail around the world

50 days and three years. Very different times for the same travel on the same boat. This is the story of a boat owner, passionate of […]
15 February 2021

Escaped from the poverty of Niger, he has found happiness in sailing

Today, we’ll tell you about a beautiful story of sailing and redemption. The protagonists are two: Yahia, a boy born in the very poor Niger who […]
12 February 2021
Ronstan Battlestick

Power is nothing without control. That’s why the right tiller extension is essential

Power is nothing without control. The new fixed telescopic tiller extensions by Ronstan Battlestick are the ideal option for dinghies, sport boats and tiller boats since […]
12 February 2021
jimmy cornell

80-year-old Jimmy Cornell sets sail in electric boat for round-the-world trip

80-year-old sailor and journalist Jimmy Cornell left for his fifth world tour by boat, this time in the wake of Magellan. The Romanian-born British yachtsman, founder […]