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giornale della vela

11 March 2022

Interview with the wind: how it affects a boat, where it comes from and how it manifests itself

The installation you see above is called Peine del Viento (Wind Comb): it is the work of Eduardo Chillida, dedicated to the wind. It is located […]
2 March 2022

Velista dell’Anno TAG Heuer (the Italian Sailor of the Year Awards) 2022: voting has begun, now it’s your turn!

The wait is over, from 1pm on February 25th on the online voting for Velista dell’Anno TAG Heuer (the Italian Sailor of the Year Awards) […]
24 February 2022

HOW TO- How and where to fit an additional forestay on board

While with a partially furled genoa, with a few square metres of canvas exposed, it is possible to sustain a bearing course in 50 knots of […]
21 January 2022

MAN OVERBOARD. How to save him

Together with oceanic sailor Sergio Frattaruolo, we have drawn up a scheme to face the worst emergency on board: the fall of a crew member overboard. […]
1 September 2021
boat cocts

How much does it really cost to maintain a new or used boat?

Are you buying a new or used boat or have the idea of buying it? Great, but do you know what it costs you each year […]
9 July 2021
superyacht palma

VIDEO and PHOTOS. Enjoy the superyacht show in Palma

Great sailors, spectacular superyachts and a breathtaking location. All the ingredients were there to make the 25th anniversary of the Superyacht Cup in Palma de Mallorca […]
2 July 2021
German sailor rescued

He was sinking after breaking the mast. German sailor rescued by an Italian tanker

An 81-year-old German solo sailor, who was sinking after breaking his mast 400 miles south of Long Island (New York) with his 36-foot ketch Katharina, was […]
18 June 2021
laser anniversary

Happy birthday Laser! The world’s most popular boat blows out 50 candles

Basically, it’s a classic boat. Actually, it’s the world’s most popular dinghy, with over 200,000 units in 120 countries: with the hull no.1 launched in 1971, […]
21 May 2021
Kentledge and grappling hook

HOW TO. Kentledge and grappling hook: all you need to know

There are two accessories that, if properly used, can be of great help when at anchor: the kentledge and grappling hook THE KENTLEDGE: WHEN AND HOW […]