Y7 Y Yachts

Y7 Y Yachts Concept

A displacement of only 29 tons (very little for a 21-meter!) thanks to the carbon construction, almost 300 sq. m. of sail area upwind that becomes 700 at the carriers make the Y7 Y Yachts a fast boat, first and foremost, even in light winds.

Thanks to its 9.6-ton lead ballast, the Y7 Y Yachts is very stable and tilts very little, making it more than comfortable to sail.The Y7 was created for long family vacations, and for having fun even on your own or with a small crew. All the knowledge of the shipyard and Michael Schmidt went into building this boat. The result is ease of maneuvering and performance in all conditions, combined with the highest quality living space.

The exterior of the Y7 Y Yachts

The hull design of the Y7 Y Yachts, entrusted to Bill Tripp, is elegant and full of interesting solutions. A major dolphin trap is integrated forward in the hull, serving as a nose for the anchor (which does not touch on the fully vertical, or rather concave, starboard bow) and an advanced attachment point for the furling-sail whip. The garage for tenders and water toys is gigantic, accessed through a huge opening hatch accessible from the aft deck. It can accommodate tenders up to 3.30 m x 1.75 m. The lifting keel reduces the draft from 3.90 to 2.70 m.

The Y7 Y Yachts is full of innovations and, at the same time, stripped down to the essentials. “An owner,” says shipyard founder Michael Schmidt, “should be able to manage his yacht intuitively. It should not be too complex but at the same time comfortable. The Y7 Y Yachts achieves all this and much more.”

The interior of the Y7 Y Yachts

British magazine Wallpaper, considered the “bible of contemporary design” worldwide, has honored Y Yachts with one of its prestigious design awards. In the “Cabin” category, the Y7 “Bella” came out on top with its interior design by Norm Architects of Copenhagen.

Katrine Goldstein, managing director of Norm Architects. “In this yacht, which we designed according to our principle of soft minimalism, one escapes for a time from the constant stimuli and distractions of modern society.” Very high, of course, the quality of finishes and materials. The master cabin is forward and has ample space, with bathroom and shower stall. In one of the layout options offered, there is also the possibility of having a large walk-in closet.

Customization of the interior is one of the cornerstone principles of the Y7 Y Yachts: depending on whether you love sailing alone or with crew, whether you are racing or cruising, Y Yachts has thought of a layout just right for you. Not to mention crew comfort: the “crew cabin” has a separate entrance from the cockpit (aft to port), two bunks, and an independent bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet.

As many layouts as you want

Below we show you five different layouts of the Y7. If you have special needs, the shipyard will find the right “custom” solution for you.

Y7 Y Yachts – DATA

Hull lenght 21.68 m
Waterline Length 20.35 m
Max Beam 5.75 m
Ballast 9.6 t
Displacement (light ship) 28.9 t
Draft (lifting keel) 2.70-3.90 m
Mainsail 174 sqm
Gennaker 550 sqm
Self-Tacking Jib 123 sqm
Code 0 350 sqm
Engine Nanni D4.80 2 x 52.9 kW
Batteries 24 volts DC. AGM 600 AH
Blackwater tank 200 L
Fuel tank 900 L
Freshwater tank 900 L
Naval Architects Tripp Design Naval Architecture
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