No more vibration, noise and cavitation

For years, boats with folding-blade propellers have lived with issues related to vibration, cavitation, and unreliability on blade opening. The Varifold solves all these problems by being the fastest-opening folding-blade propeller on the market.

Unlike many folding propellers, it does not rotate under sail even at high speeds. These revolutionary profile propellers combine the low drag of folding blades with the maneuverability, in both directions of travel, typical of traditional propellers.

The advantages of Varifold

Varifold uses a conventional blade shape with helical pitch distribution to be able to transmit maximum power with minimal levels of vibration and noise. There is a 15 percent pitch reduction at the end of the blades to reduce noise and vibration. The central body of the propeller hides the blades while sailing and keeps the axis stationary while sailing.

So many shipyards around the world choose Varifold

Varifold is chosen as the propeller of first installation by most major shipyards in the world such as: Perini ships, Oyster, Nautor Swan, Baltics Yacht, Southern Wind Shipyard, CNB , Contest ,Vismara , Wally, Mylius, etc.

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