Tender 220T

Tender 220T VERGAPlast

This transparent catamaran-hulled panoramic boat is a unique means of admiring the beauty of the seabed due to its total transparency.

Designed to be suitable for multiple uses from boating to the study of marine flora and fauna in total freedom, its strong point is safety; in fact, the special shape of the catamaran hull ensures exceptional stability, and the material from which it is constructed, polycarbonate, offers maximum strength.

Its small size and weight make the Tender easily transportable and usable by rowing or small outboard. Small hull suitable for various uses. Ideal as a service barge for large hulls, practical for fishing enthusiasts. Tender 220T has exceptional stability due to its catamaran hull formed by 2 side keels.

Model not subject to CE certification.
Values for the maximum installable engine power and the number of persons who can be boarded are for guidance only

Tender 220T VERGAPlast – Specifications

Hull: catamaran

Material: Polycarbonate shockproof, saltproof and uvproof

Type of construction: single shell

Length: 2 .20 m

Width: 1 .20 m

Weight: 29 kg

People capacity: 2

Short shank motor up to: max 2.90 kW (3.9 Hp)

Complete with: rowlocks, pair of oars and wooden seats.

The number of people who can be boarded is taken from current safety regulations.

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