Sunbeam Yachts 46.1

Sunbeam 46.1

Thanks to the beauty of its strong lines and to the true and full on-board comfort that ensures, the Sunbeam 46.1 is at the same time a true “Long Distance Cruiser” and a perfect“Sports Luxury Cruiser,” designed especially for sailors love to go to sea even sailing with a small crew.

The accommodation and living comforts inside and on the deck of the Sunbeam Yachts 46.1 are consistently geared toward the highest demands that a high-end yacht owner can have. Performance reflects cutting-edge design at the top and does not disappoint in safety and durability.


The Sunbeam 46.1 has all the modern details such as dual wheelhouse, folding bathing platform, large cockpit with table, and large front lounge area with fixed window. With this style then, the Sunbeam 46.1 reflects Sunbeam Yachts ‘ current design language to create a sailboat that is at once innovative, classic and elegant.

The Sunbeam 46.1 is a yacht with great speed potential in all weather conditions, thanks in part to the narrow stern that ensures that sailing remains balanced and stable at all times. In order then to improve performance even in light winds, a streamlined waterline was designed: the result is on the one hand less wetted area and on the other hand a huge increase in stability due to the high percentage of ballast.


The interior of the Sunbeam Yachts 46.1 offers a large, en-suite forward master cabin to which are added two other double cabins located aft. The L-shaped galley is convenient to use and contains all the equipment so you won’t miss a thing at berth as well as at sea.

Sunbeam 46.1

Below deck there is always a great feeling of spaciousness and brightness due to the innovative design and numerous windows in the hull design.

Data sheet

Overall length: 14.75 meters
Maximum width: 4.45 meters
Draught: 2.20 meters
Displacement: 13,000 kg
Ballast in %: 35%
Engine: 75 hp
Max sail area: 115 square meters
Water tank: 550 liters
Fuel tank: 300 liters

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