Sunbeam Yachts 36.2

Sunbeam 36.2

Stepping aboard, you and your family will immediately feel at home because the Sunbeam 36.2 combines unparalleled comfort on the sea with an innovative on-board lifestyle and high build quality and craftsmanship together.

The Sunbeam 36.2 is a“sports luxury cruiser,” that is, a unique boat whose design is based on a modern and innovative design based on safe and traditional construction standards.


The ergonomic design and layout of the deck and cockpit allow the helmsman to be in total control. As a result, the Sunbeam 36.2 is easy to handle and maneuver. Details such as the cockpit length of 2.3 meters add significant comfort for the crew and even when a family is on board.

A ballast ratio of 32 percent underscores the importance of safety and stability of this“sports luxury cruiser.” Superior ergonomic design and aesthetics then also dominate the interior of the sailboat.


The Sunbeam 36.2 is a“sports luxury cruiser,” a vessel characterized by a modern and progressive design but still based on safe and traditional construction standards. Sunbeam ‘s 36.2 is available with two types of interior fittings, Avant-garde and Elégance. The Avant-garde finish offers light, modern colors while the Elégance finish offers a more traditional finish, characteristic of all boats signed by Sunbeam Yachts. A spacious environment is then the main feature of this sailboat. Sleek, sporty lines that combine with large panoramic windows and very distinctive skylights give rise to the exceptional and unique design features. Finally, the yacht also offers more generous hold space than its class.

Data sheet

Overall length: 11.02 meters
Maximum beam: 3.42 meters
Height below deck: 1.95 meters
Draft: 1.94 meters
Displacement: 6.25 tons
Ballast: 2.05 tons
Engine: 28 hp
Mainsail: 32 square meters
Genoa: 28 square meters
Standard total sail area: 60 square meters
Water tank: 305 liters
Fuel tank: 145 liters

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