Sunbeam Yachts 32.1

Sunbeam Yachts 32.1

So far Sunbeam yachts have always been a further design development of their predecessors, they have followed a steady path of evolution over the years. Constant improvement resulting from siteexperience, but also from customer feedback and industry developments and trends.

It is different now. The new Sunbeam 32.1 is a step forward in theevolution of contemporary boating. In fact, it is a boat born with a completely different approach: Sunbeam Yachts defined a focus group to investigate the new and different demands of contemporary society and designed a boat that could meet these very demands. The new Sunbeam 32.1 is really a step forward inevolution.


The new Sunbeam 32.1 will then have very little to do with its predecessors, although build quality and craftsmanship remain as hallmarks of the Sunbeam shipyard. It starts with the appearance, which is extremely modern and sporty, with flared front volumes and an inverted bow. The project was entrusted to Studio J&J, the shipyard’s classic partner, but they were joined by industrial designer Gerald Kiska.

The result: a boat that wants to keep up with the times and also target a younger audience. Hence the choice of an avant-garde look: in fact, the boat brings together some of the most contemporary design trends inspired by the world of racing boats. Inside, the volumes are totally open space, for a boat designed for a public that wants to experience it on short, fun outings where it is mostly sailed.

Data sheet

Overall length: 10 meters
Maximum beam: 3 meters
Draft: 1.8 meters
Displacement: 4 tons

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