Sunbeam Yachts 28.1

Sunbeam 28.1

The modern look of the new Sunbeam 28.1 carries forward the new design language that the shipyard had previously developed. In particular, however, the Sunbeam 28.1 is unmistakably a sailboat from the Sunbeam shipyard.

The new Sunbeam 28.1, thanks to its design involving a large cockpit combined with a large ballast rate and a modern sail rig, is a yacht with an unmistakably Sunbeam style. A truly modern sailboat and who perfectly fits the contemporary lifestyle on the sea.


Speed and sportiness without sacrificing safety. Thus this Sunbeam is a perfect yacht both for those who want to sail with their families and for those looking for a boat for more sporty use. The combination of a design concept of superior quality, technical solutions for easy handling and great reliability make the Sunbeam 28.1 the ideal choice for all lovers of the sea and sailing. Winches positioned on the cabin floor, a self-tacking jib and a large mainsail ensure easy maneuverability and excellent speed potential. Especially for cruises to be made in inland or coastal waters.

Sunbeam 28.1


The bright, spacious and open interior is designed for a fun and contemporary seaside lifestyle-that’s why the Sunbeam 28.1 is light and airy. The fixed galley on the port side offers every comfort for a short vacation. So is the large bathroom located to starboard, with additional space for sailing gear. The standing height is 1.65 meters and the length of the berth is more than 2.1 meters: comforts of a higher category yacht. In addition, the sofas placed in the living room can be folded down to generate two comfortable extra beds.

Data sheet

Overall length: 8.5 meters
Maximum beam: 2.49 meters
Height below deck: 1.65 meters
Draught: 0.75 to 1.65 meters
Weight when fully loaded: 2,300 kg
Ballast: 750 kg
Motor: 10 kW
Electric motor (optional): 4.3 kW
Mainsail: 24 square meters
Max mainsail: 27 square meters
Jib: 14 square meters
Genoa (optional): 17.5 square meters
Standard total sail area: 38 square meters
Max. total sail area: 44.5 square meters

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