Sunbeam Yachts 24.2

Sunbeam Yachts 24.2

The modern look of the new Sunbeam 24.2 carries forward the new design language that the shipyard had previously developed. In particular, however, the new Sunbeam 24.2 will appeal to both cruising and racing sailors because it is an extremely versatile boat.

The hull of the new Sunbeam 24.2 is not built according to a predetermined recipe, but instead is specially designed to achieve optimal cruising speed. This gives the Sunbeam 24.2 a truly exceptional quality in course keeping as well as extreme sail handling.


The main features of the Sunbeam 24.2 are a youthful design, a state-of-the-art mast, and great handling ability when maneuvering. Another feature of the Sunbeam 24.2 is the sharp forestay, which finely cuts through the water in turns. The yacht sails effortlessly and is very stable thanks to its U-shaped hull lines and generous beam a full 2.5 meters wide.

Sunbeam 24.2

The latter element, combined with a ballast ratio that is 38 percent, ensures an optimal combination of weight and shape stability. Great value of craftsmanship has been placed on the boat’s finishes, which reflect its understated and classically elegant soul. This blend of seafaring atmosphere and comfortable guest accommodation guarantees every owner optimal sailing pleasure in every type of situation and cruising mode.


All interiorfurniture is manufactured in our company by skilled craftsmen and carpenters. The interior design stands out for its optimized ergonomics and with 2-meter long berths in the forward bunk, while then 1.55-meter headroom, offers extreme comfort for a yacht of this size. Some “friendly” and “open” lines and the living room floor made of real“African teak” wood complete the interior.

Sunbeam 24.2

Data sheet

Overall length: 7 meters
Maximum beam: 2.50 meters
Height below deck: 1.55 meters
Draught: 0.72 to 1.40 meters
Weight when fully loaded: 1,420 kg
Ballast: 420 kg
Motor (optional): 1.6 kW
Mainsail: 17 square meters
Max mainsail: 20.50 square meters
Bow sail: 12 square meters
Total sail area: 32.50 square meters

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