Sunbeam Yachts 22.1

Sunbeam 22.1

Continuous lines along the hull and the self-adjusting backstay-less limb emphasize the Sunbeam 22.1‘s dual ambition, cruising and racing. Two-meter-long seats, bow and stern pulleys included in the standard version, railings, swim ladder and automatic winches on the cabin roof reflect the demand for comfort on board.

The modern look of the new Sunbeam 22.1 carries forward the new design language that the shipyard had already developed for the Sunbeam 28.1 and Sunbeam 40.1. In particular, however, the new Sunbeam 22.1 will appeal to both cruising and racing sailors because it is an extremely versatile boat.


In collaboration with J&J Design, a number of sophisticated solutions were developed down to the smallest details, such as the retractable pre-balanced rudder or the swiveling ballast tiller. In this model, the ballast body is integrated into the hull to ensure high safety and stability. The outboard motor can be lifted easily and safely out of the water using a convenient rail and stored in one of the rear boxes in the cockpit without having to disassemble it.

Sunbeam 22.1

This Sunbeam is 6.70 meters long and 2.45 meters wide. It can be easily loaded and transported thanks precisely to its size, thanks to its low weight of 1.2 tons, and finally also thanks to the integrated shaft fastening device. With a 17.5-square-meter mainsail and a 9-square-meter headsail, the new Sunbeam 22.1 is anything but underperforming and can still also be optionally equipped with a furling gennaker.


Due to the special hull design in the bow, the interior with a double berth provides ample space for all shipboard needs and boat configuration and can be extended to four berths if needed. Whether for family vacations or regattas, the new Sunbeam 22.1 is the ideal solution for sailors who want to be free to move m ode versatile throughout the year.

Sunbeam 22.1

Data sheet

Length: 6.70 meters
Overall length: 6.85 meters
Maximum beam: 2.49 meters
Draught: 0.60 to 1.40 meters
Weight when fully loaded: 1,300 kg
Ballast: 230 kg

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