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It’s time to get moving and live your dreams! You are now ready for the big trip. In your adventure there is no room for sail problems, even after thousands of miles. You need sails that will last and are easy to handle, even in small crews. Live your style! Navigate with confidence in design and technical solutions that will not disappoint.

Solano Elvstrøm
Solano Elvstrøm

Solano Elvstrøm In-Boom Furling Main – Woven Dyneema, Hydranet

This furling mainsail in the boom is made with a trioptimal design that distributes the forces to which the sail is exposed while optimally ensuring a stable sail shape. A form that will be maintained efficiently for many years. Available in a variety of fabrics, the polyester-based cruising laminate provides an efficient and long-lasting sail.

If you are looking for an extremely strong option, braided Dyneema (hydra net radial) is the best choice. Full horizontal battens also help maintain the shape to the sail and ensure that the furling on the boom works smoothly. Finally, the lower battens can also be used as reefing points, since they lengthen the reefed mainsail.

Solano Elvstrøm: high strength

Braided Dyneema is a durable, tightly woven, high-tenacity sailcloth. Dyneema woven fabrics are polyester fibers with a Dyneema grid.

Performance – Duration – Price

– Performance 2.5

– Duration 10

– Price 6.5

Note: Performance, durability and price indicators are illustrated for each material combination on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest.

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