No more vibrations at the propeller shaft

The Sigmadrive coupling greatly reduces propeller shaft vibration, improving on-board comfort and the durability of drive components.

The Sigmadrive coupling can also be installed as an angle corrector in case there are small misalignments (within 3°) between the motor and propeller shaft line.

How to install Sigmadrive

Installation of these products is very simple: simply remove the old flange/shackle blocking the axle and replace it with SigmaDrive. The axis locking method is the same as the old flange, and there is no need to change the axis length or motor position. In terms of operation, SigmaDrive, when receiving thrust from the propeller shaft, acts as a pivot between motor and shaft, mechanically compensating for motor movement (vibration) and keeping the propeller shaft aligned with the bushings and seal. Sigmadrive also compensates for axis movements resulting from propeller turbulence.

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