Radial Winch

Radial Winch

They are the centerpiece of Harken’s Winch range, a must-have on board all cruising boats. They are available in an infinite number of sizes and finishes. They can be manual or motorized.

The Radial winch line has achieved a high level of performance thanks first and foremost to its ability to ensure maximum grip while minimizing sheet wear.
In addition:
– They are small in size but can withstand high loads.
– They have easy seasonal maintenance, so they can be reassembled faster and without any possibility of error.
– The special patented grip angle allows for better control of the line when it is coiled on the drum.

High-strength composite roller bearings and bushings reduce friction under load. The gears and pins are made of 17-4 PH stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

They can be with or without sel-tailing; manual ones can be easily motorized. They can have Aluminum, Bronze, Chrome finish.





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