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Classic Boats: boats that are worth valuing

Classic Boats are. Boats built in fiberglass and in series since 1967, with a minimum of 25 years on their shoulders, selected on the basis of very specific canons that transcend the age of the artifact and focus on its intrinsic historical value, starting with the overall design qualities and the originality of the boat in its context.

The chronological criterion needed to enter the world of Classic Boats is simple:

  • Each model must be mass-produced (at least 5 copies produced)
  • the date of construction (first specimen) must be between 1967 and 1999, that is, it must be at least 25 years old.

Then there is the second criterion for the classification of “Classic Boats of Historical Value by Journal of Sailing,” that of merit. Each model is selected by the experts of the Sailing Newspaper for innovation, quality, originality, and sailing characteristics. That is why not all boats are present. But don’t worry, there are every size, from 7 to over 20 meters, and for every pocket. The discriminating factor in choosing them is simple-they have a historical value that makes them objects of worship, worthy of preservation and constant maintenance. And if they are well maintained, their value increases more. And this is where the service that Il Giornale della Vela concretely makes available to those who want to take advantage of the benefits of the “Classic Boats of Historical Value by Giornale della Vela” certification comes into play.

Classic Boat insurance: why to get it

The first step in obtaining the “Classic Boats of Historical Value by Journal of Sailing” certification is to have the condition of the boat evaluated by an experienced certified appraiser “by Journal of Sailing,” get a expertise in with an appraisal form that can certify the boat’s historical value is the first step in certifying your Classic Boat.

The second step most important is to be able to insuring your Classic Boat with David Insurance At a congruous value, with a policy which allows a lower premium to be paid and which incorporates the value assigned by the appraiser, also using the “Classic boat of historical value by Sailing Newspaper“. David Insurance is the insurance broker-using leading insurance companies-selected by the Journal of Sailing.



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