Protect your boat with David Insurance

Protect your boat with David Insurance

Boat insurance is the stuff of experts: David Assicurazioni, a Milan-based broker with a strong “aquatic vocation” since 1971, has singled out this area to make it a flagship of its insurance consulting.

Thus, the proposed David Insurance is an insurance product that covers any damage to your boat and who will let you sleep soundly, whether you are cruising or away from your beloved. To make it happen, the historic Milanese broker over the years has perfected convention after convention with major and solid companies with an international reach, its “all-risks” policy tailored for boaters. Technically it is a “comprehensive body policy,” which is a real feather in the cap of the company’s insurance consulting in this area.

David Boat Insurance

David Insurance addresses itself with this unique policy to all owners of motor and sailing boats, whether private rather than charter, who want to be protected in all ways: just as it is possible to do when offering a body policy complete with all guarantees, such that it can intervene to safeguard, in part or in full, from all damages that the insured boats might suffer.


So in addition to the total loss also theft, fire, unprotected roadsteads, vandalism, propellers and rudders, engine overheating , and so on. Of course along with the completeness of the insurance offer, the most important component is price, that is, premiums that are competitive with the market average.

In order to keep the boat in many boatyards during winter storage, several operators require the Waiver of Recourse to be present so as to reduce the burden on their Rc. With this clause, the shipowner is protected and the extent of the claim does not burden the coffers of the shipyard or marina, thus avoiding unpleasant litigation.

Also very popular and useful is theWeather Event Extension, which protects the boat all-around because it is constantly exposed to risks of all kinds, often due to external agents that cannot be predicted and not only when sailing, but also when in port.

Boat insurance: customized consultations and offers

In addition to all this, David Insurance ‘s experts will answer all shipowners’ questions directly, and in short order you will be able to get a personalized plan from David Insurance. Type, age, use, flag, and value of the indicated boat are the key factors for a tailor-made offer that can be obtained in a short time.



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