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EnergyMatic: Outstanding performance with an eye on sustainability

EnergyMatic - Ewol
EnergyMatic – Ewol

EnergyMatic goes beyond traditional marine propellers, focusing on sustainability and advanced performance. The innovative automatic flag return mechanism enables optimal positioning with minimal effort, without the need to lock the shaft. With EnergyMatic, it will no longer be necessary to turn off the engine and engage reverse gear to achieve an increase in sailing speed, a measurable advantage of 0.5 to 1.5 knots.

Integrated sustainability: Beyond the traditional propeller

On boats with electric, hybrid or diesel propulsion with an alternator on the axle, EnergyMatic outperforms traditional propulsion by offering a mode of hydrogeneration, known as “Charging Position.” While sailing, placing the propeller in Recharge mode (corresponding to the reverse macia position) and then engaging neutral activates a battery charging function, acting like an electric turbine and generating a significant amount of power. The graph shows as an example the producibility values obtained with 3 different boats with different hulls.

This feature is a significant advantage for 100% electric, hybrid or diesel boats with an alternator on the axle.

EnergyMatic: innovation with precision and reliability

EnergyMatic retains the distinctive features of EWOL propellers, with micrometric pitch adjustment, high-efficiency SWORD blade profile, and SuperDuplex steel construction, known for its high resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion, ideal for making propellers that are consistently reliable over time.

EnergyMatic is an innovative and sustainable product destined to redefine standards in the world of sailboat propellers.

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