Oceanis 37.1

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 60: the “Made in Italy” flagship.

Marc Lombard for water lines, Nauta Design for interior deck, Beneteau relies on a well-rehearsed team to design the new Oceanis 37.1 (11.93 X 3.92 m). A boat in continuity, as a philosophy and aesthetic, with the rest of the most recent Oceanis range.


It arouses interest in the length of Beneteau ‘sOceanis 37.1 since there is not much new on the 11-meter, but it is also because of its decidedly XXL interior space.

The new Oceanis 37.1 has a large deckhouse that allows it to create XXL volume inside. The cockpit shrinks a bit, with the wheelhouses moving aft, where the backstay disappears instead. All to make this 11 meter a true champion for interior space, ideal for those who want to take long vacations aboard.

The Oceanis 37.1



The interior of the Oceanis 37.1


The boat is offered in a version with sail plan standard, which includes a classic mainsail, or furling, and self-tacking jib, with double rudder blade and L-shaped keel. For those who enjoy sailing and are looking for some extra horsepower, a “First“, with square top mainsail and low overlapping jib.

The Oceanis 37.1, in addition to the classic thermal powertrain, comes with the following also in an electric motor version with 12 kW pod and 10 kilowatt-hour batteries. An option to consider for those who wish to use it only for short cruises or day trips.

The layouts available for the interior are diverse and will suit many types of use: 3 staterooms and 2 bathrooms will also be an ideal solution for charter, 2 staterooms and 1 bathroom, 3 staterooms and 1 bathroom for a more owner size.

The forward cabin has a view outward through two large portholes built into the side of the hull. In the two-bath version, the bed is shifted to the right and is of generous proportions.

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Data sheet

Overall length: 11.93 m
Width: 3.92 m
Light displacement: 6864 kg
Draft: 1.63 (standard) – 2.10 m
Mainsail: 31-37-42.5 sq. m.
Autov jib: 23 sq. m.
Low-overlap jib: 30 sqm


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