Northern Light Composites ecofoiler

Northern Light Composites ecofoiler

Foiler technology, as applied on the America’s Cup’s futuristic AC75s-the protagonists of the spectacular challenge between Luna Rossa and New Zeland in Auckland-comes to a small, 3.80-meter-long flying dinghy.

Ecofoiler: for flying in an environmentally friendly way

Nlcomp unveiled the ecofoiler concept, the first end-of-life recyclable boat dedicated foiling enthusiasts. It is the second prototype in the range of the young innovative startup Northern Light Composites. The flying drift of is designed once again by Matteo Polli, who has already signed the water lines of ecoracer769, with the collaboration of Matteo Ledri, CFD engineer, with experience in three America’s Cup campaigns (Artemis Racing, BAR and Luna Rossa Challenge).

Sergio Caramel, helmsman of the Melges 24 Arkanoè by Montura and a graduate student in aerospace engineering, will serve as project manager.

Environmentally friendly from top to bottom

ecofoiler will be built with nlcomp’s rComposite technology, which, through the use of a thermoplastic matrix, allows the composite material to be recycled at the end of its life.

In addition, through the use of a mix of natural and synthetic fibers, as well as recycled carbon fibers, it ensures a lower environmental impact even in the construction phase of the boat.

Even in the choice of foils, in order to ensure recycling and reduce production costs, aluminum profiles were chosen.

“Entry level” foiling

The goal of the ecofoiler project goes beyond the innovative construction aspect and is to serve as an “entry-level” boat to make foiling open to all sailors, ensuring simplicity in sailing and general logistics management through new design solutions.


Fabio Bignolini, COO nlcomp

“ecofoiler is the second project developed by nlcomp after ecoracer769, the sportboat that will be launched this summer. I want to thank the whole team who accepted my invitation and made themselves available to bring the project to life: from Sergio Caramel, who as soon as his university commitments are over, will give us a hand in project management, to Matteo Polli, who is signing a foiling project for the first time, to Matteo Ledri, who brings us his experience from his three America’s Cup campaigns.”

Sergio Caramel, Project Manager ecofoiler

“Northern Light Composites is an innovative start-up that I am convinced will be able to find its rightful place in the international boating industry, and the foiling dinghy project will definitely be an added factor. I have the good fortune to have already worked on a similar project for the Foiling Week SuMoth competition, so I enthusiastically accepted Fabio’s proposal and hope to help the team by bringing my skills to bear, channeling my passion with my university education, which in fact I am about to conclude with a thesis study on fluid-structure interaction carried out in the offices of NorthSails Italia in Carasco.”

Matteo Polli, Yacht Designer

“For me, the ecofoiler is a new design challenge with very ambitious goals not only related to recyclable materials or foiling per se, but to the integration of these and other important features into one boat. It will be a very interesting project that will challenge the excellent team formed by NLcomp!”



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