Nordship 420 DS by SailPassion

Nordship 420 DS

Our Nordship 420 DS, just like our other models, can be customized to fit your needs. You can choose the layout and design that suits you best, whether it is an additional bathroom on board or an office in place of the forward cabin. Modern wrap-around windows and flush skylights not only give the boat a clean look, but also let in plenty of natural light inside.

Nordship 420 DS – Exterior

On the bridge, the cockpit is divided into two sections: a forward section with seating for 6-8 people around a large cockpit table; and an aft cockpit, which houses a pedestal-mounted helm with a leather-covered rudder. Do not be fooled into thinking that our yachts, built for comfort with high-quality materials, were not also built for good performance. Through the use of a high angle ratio rig with a moderate sail area and a gently balanced hull form that is easily steered with a lead bulb keel, all Nordship yachts are agile and rewarding to sail with good speed.

To make navigation easier and more pleasant, we offer a self-tacking jib as standard. This integrates seamlessly with modern high aspect ratio rigging, keeping loads easily manageable whether you are on deck alone or sailing with a crew. All Nordships are designed around the wheel so that the helmsman has all lines from the mast and all sail controls within easy reach. It is important to us that the lines are not carried over the aft edge of the canopy, as is the case on many other yachts.

Nordship 420 DS – Interior

The standard interior layout includes a spacious deck lounge, which offers seating on a U-shaped sofa around a large dining table on the port side. A panoramic view can be enjoyed here. A navigation table with space for instruments is also located on the same level. To starboard, forward of the salon, is a linear galley equipped for long-range sailing, with enough room for six people. The aft master stateroom is furnished with a large double bed, with easy access from either side, while the access gangway is a cozy area with many possibilities for customization.

The interior is another area in which our yachts excel. Not only are they handmade by experienced Danish craftsmen, but we can also customize the interiors according to your personal preferences: your choice of layout, your choice of wood, your choice of style. Our raised salon is the centerpiece of all our yachts. The canopy’s distinctive large windows give those inside an excellent view of the outdoors, regardless of which direction they are facing or the weather conditions. You may want to shelter from the sun and its heat or seek warmth and refuge during a cold, wet winter sail: either way, the Nordship salon is a wonderful space in which to relax.

Data sheet

Overall length: 12.90 meters
Length to waterline: 10.80 meters
Maximum beam: 4.0 meters
Draught: 1.90 meters
Mainsail: 50.00 square meters
Flake: 34.00 square meters
Fresh water tank: 370 liters
Fuel tank: 375 liters
Displacement: 10,500 kg


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