Nordship 40 DS by SailPassion

Nordship 40 DS

The Nordship 40 DS like all Nordships is designed around the wheelhouse so that the helmsman has all lines and sail controls within easy reach. With this arrangement, when you are at the helm you can adjust all the lines even the one furthest away.

The Nordship 40 DS is the best-selling boat in the Nordship range. It is an ideal choice for those who want to spend long periods of time on board, cruising. We have increased the fuel tank and stowage well beyond the size of a yacht of this size, while the modern hull design and powerful sail plan give her an extra edge.

In deck, the design of the cockpit is practical and safe, allowing the helmsman to check all lines and winches without the crew blocking the aft cockpit: this then has a high screening and well-rounded corners, making it a comfortable place to relax both at berth and while sailing.

Nordship 40 DS – Exterior

A Nordship yacht can also be structurally built to your needs, perhaps using a Divinycell foam core in the hull to save weight and improve strength. Our semi-custom range gives owners the freedom to be deeply involved in the design of their yacht, so before the gelcoat touches the mold you know you will have the right boat for you. Whichever yacht you choose, it will be built with levels of passion and craftsmanship with which few other shipyards can compete.

Nordship 40 DS

Don’t be fooled by the fact that our yachts are built first and foremost for maximum comfort on board, using high-quality materials: in fact, in the same way they are designed to sail to perfection.

Thanks to their trim, with adequate sail area and a smoothly balanced hull shape that is easily maneuvered by a lead bulb keel, all Nordship yachts and especially the Nordship 40 DS are nimble and rewarding for those who enjoy sailing even at speed. And again Nordship makes sailing easier and more enjoyable by fitting the boats with a self-centering jib as standard. This integrates seamlessly with modern, state-of-the-art equipment, keeping loads easily manageable whether you are on deck alone or sailing with a crew.

Nordship 40 DS – Interior

The Nordship 40 DS offers its owners ample volume and space to customize the interior. The aft cabin is spacious and well appointed, with considerable headroom above the large double berth. There is an indoor bathroom and shower compartment, although that same space could be devoted to additional cabin storage.

The salon on the deck gives a feeling of spaciousness and openness, so that when the yacht is under sail, anyone relaxing around the large salon table can enjoy a great view while staying warm, dry and sheltered. A third guest cabin is possible under the deck salon. Our raised salon is at the center of all our yachts. Large sunroof windows give those inside an excellent view outward in any direction and in any weather.

Nordship 40 ds

The interiors are an area of excellence not only because they are handcrafted by experienced Danish craftsmen, but also because we can customize them to individual personal preferences: the owner can choose the layout, wood finishes, and style of furniture. Not only that: you can also incorporate your ideas into one of our recommended layouts, or have the interior modified in a way that suits you.

Data sheet

Overall length: 12.20 meters
Length at the waterline: 10.90 meters
Maximum beam: 3.95 meters
Draught: 2.00 meters
Mainsail: 47.00 square meters
Flake: 31.00 square meters
Fresh water tank: 370 liters
Fuel tank: 375 liters
Displacement: 10,500 kg


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