Marine Grip

Marine Grip Harken

The latest addition to the Harken family, a new type of non-slip tape for boat decks (and beyond).

Marine Grip is the latest addition to the Harken family: a new type of non-slip tape for boat decks. Why new? What sets it apart from all other products on the market? First of all, it is nonabrasive and also not made of foam that could absorb water.

Marine Grip Harken is therefore different from the normal non-slip tapes we are used to seeing on boats; it was developed by surfers, in Hawaii, to provide great grip while not being abrasive: it leaves no marks on the skin or clothes.

It is available in white, black, gray or translucent versions and in 2”, 3”, 6 ” inch sizes-about 5, 7 and 15 cm-either as traditional ribbon, or in hexagons (15 cm). In this case, with a honeycomb distribution, it can cover very large areas. For authorized stores and retailers, it is available in 18-meter rolls (with widths, in this case, also going up to 12, 18, and 32 inches).

Marine Grip Harken

To apply is extremely easy, no need for glue or adhesives. You just need to make sure the surface is clean. This can be achieved by using any alcohol-based solvent. Afterwards, in a very simple way, just remove the back film and then apply Marine Grip to the deck. It offers, from the start, excellent dry and wet grip.

To remove it, just use a plastic scraper, lift one flap and then pull. The thin layer of rubber that remains can be easily removed with a standard adhesive solvent. The translucent version is ideal for application where there is lettering or on the transparent surfaces of honeycombs and hatches.

Marine Grip Harken: how it works

It does not absorb water at all, and any product normally used for deck cleaning can be safely used to clean it. It should also be pointed out that Marine Grip, even in the black version, gets much less hot than the blanket, even on a day with sunshine and 30°C temperature, walking on it barefoot is no problem.

To summarize: Marine Grip Harken does not get hot in the sun, does not oxidize, does not break into small pieces when you want to take it off, does not absorb water, and does not abrade skin or clothes.

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