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MadMax Nautical Franchising was founded in 1999, grew and expanded quickly by going hands-on to cover all the nerve centers of the charter world so as to drastically cut costs by directly controlling all management phases, from the outfitting and maintenance of boats, to the management of reservations to the technical preparation of the future owner/skipper.

With 20 years of experience in nautical chartering, a professional skipper school unique in Europe, a boatyard with berths both on and off the water, and privileged relationships with top technical, legal and business professionals, the MadMax nautical franchise offers the franchisee a turnkey package that is sure to be successful.

What we offer to guarantee your investment

Sale of the most suitable catamaran to the new owner with post-installation of accessories at half the cost (savings of at least 50,000 euros).
– Leasing on favorable terms with leading banking institution through a preferred MadMax channel.
Care and protection of the franchisee’s investment by chartering the boat only with MadMax certified skippers (an exclusive MadMax Franchising Nautical feature).
– A strong brand, recognized as excellence among international brokers and by our loyal customers.
– An international central agency to offer the franchisee fully booked work seasons, generating profits proven by 20 years of operation.
– A Franchisor that manages the entire supply chain to centralize service and keep franchisee operating costs to a minimum.
– Boat berths in the water and on land at reduced costs in our contracted boatyard in Livorno.
– Exclusive confidential discounts on all materials and parts.
– Technical, Commercial and Legal Assistance.
– In case the Affiliate also wants to be the skipper of his/her own boat:
Technical training with the MadMax professional skipper course.
Free boarding as a second in our Atlantic crossings.
Hands-on apprenticeship with shadowing our more experienced skippers.

The philosophy of nautical franchising

The MadMax nautical franchise philosophy is based on 3 cornerstone principles:
1 – Optimization of expenditures.
To have optimally maintained boats, provide excellent service to the end customer, and manage an extensive sales network internationally, one must have means, skills, and great experience, especially in this industry where materials and interventions often cost four times as much as on land.
2 – Skipper on board, always!
It is our mainstay, what most differentiates us from our competitors.
The MadMax skipper on board protects the franchisee’s asset and offers true service excellence to the customer who comes on vacation on our catamarans, which turns into very high customer loyalty.
3 – An exclusive brand of excellence.
The MadMax brand is internationally recognized as a benchmark for its very high standards of excellence, for cleanliness and maintenance of its boats, for the professionalism of its skippers, and, no less important, for the customer’s perception of being important and pampered, before, during, and after their vacation.

What you can expect from this 7-point investment

1 – You will be able to buy a catamaran at the best price due to the post-installation of many accessories and a savings of at least 50,000.
2 – You will pay for the catamaran only 30% of its value, all other expenses will pay for themselves through rental receipts.
3 – In the summer you can go there on vacation for two weeks of your choice for free.
4 – In spring, fall and winter you will have your own seaside villa, moored at a marina of your preference, ready to welcome you for a relaxing weekend or week-long vacation.
5 – Every year you will have a higher or lower profit from renting the boat.
6 – You won’t have to take care of anything (except enjoying your boat), we take care of everything.
7 – At the end of the lease you will have doubled your invested value

What if I change my mind?

“Today I am interested in taking a step toward a happier life, but what if in a few years I change my mind or lose interest in the boat?”

No problem. The market for catamarans is so prosperous that boats for sale are immediately resold often at a higher price than they were purchased.
With MadMax you will be free to realize your dreams without the fear of making a wrong choice. You can change your mind at any time and resell your catamaran with a safe return on investment, thanks to our extensive network of contacts!

The choice of catamaran

Choosing the right catamaran for you is the essential first step and should be planned well in advance.

As things currently stand, between 12 and 18 months elapse from the time of order to delivery, depending on the model requested, but often the most popular models are sold out, demonstrating a growing industry trend.

Buying a Bali Catsmart worth 450,000 euros, making a projection based on current market conditions, after 5 years, reselling it will pay back the down payment with a 200% return on the initial investment.

Reduce costs and increase profits

Keeping costs under control are the most important item of any healthy business, knowing how to reduce them considerably are the guarantee of success of MadMax nautical franchise.

In the boating world, more than in any other industry, costs can spiral out of control, starting with the cost of a berth and moving on to any maintenance work, boat surveyors, haul-outs, in-water and shore stops.

The MadMax nautical franchise makes available to the franchisee:
berths at ridiculously low costs, a boatyard at discounted rates, in-house mechanics and toolmakers for any technical work at reduced costs, a Rina technical office and marine surveyors to take care of any paperwork quickly and with low costs, a naval law firm to be supported in any litigation that may be needed, and a commercial firm that operates with agreed and reduced rates for the establishment and management of the franchisee’s new company.

In addition, the affiliate will have access to the maximum discount reserved only for MadMax affiliates for the purchase of any nautical item needed by their company.

We have calculated that we are able to generate savings for the franchisee of about 20,000 euros per year compared to a “do-it-yourself” shipowner, while also offering him management know-how that is priceless.

Being part of a strong group – Unity is strength, always!

It is with this belief that we support affiliates, both technically and logistically.

A problem of theirs is a problem of ours that must be solved immediately, with precision and professionalism, so that customers, our most valuable asset, always have first-class service at all levels.

The Win-Win concept applies perfectly with MadMax Nautical Franchising, which works best to make franchisee and franchisor win together.
That is why we can literally say that we are in the same boat.


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