Lagoon 40 – Milu 2.0

Lagoon 40 Milu 2.0 – Catamaran sailing charter

Magic Sailing Charter ‘s Lagoon 40 Milù is the catamaran with excellent sailing performance and a great combination of space and comfort! She is available based in Capo d’Orlando for cruises to the Aeolian Islands, Egadi Islands and Malta.

The Lagoon 40 is a catamaran with several strengths. First of all, it is optimal in performance and comfort, all while maintaining an aesthetic beauty with attention to detail, characterized by elegance and brightness. Its style and design are truly unique. Technical features-such as self-tacking jib or weight centering-are great advantages that guarantee excellent performance. The interior is comfortable, starting with the salon that has a spectacular view, while the sail plan is wider and lighter. It is the perfect catamaran for taking family vacations and more.


Lagoon 40 Milu 2.0 Catamaran sailing charter

Anexperience of sea, land, and food. Located between the Sicilian and Calabrian coasts, the Aeolian Islands owe their beauty to their irregular coastlines and numerous coves, which are typical of volcanic territories. The volcanoes tour proposed by us includes a week on a catamaran, discovering volcanic beaches, picturesque villages and primordial landscapes drawn by fire, water and wind. Unique and singular places in which different atmospheres merge into a millennial culture that speaks of sea, sun and winds. Coupled with the volcano tour is also the discovery of a typical Aeolian cuisine: an unforgettable gastronomic tour that will feature the most typical dishes, to be enjoyed not only in the best restaurants on the islands, but also and especially on board our catamarans. It is right here that you can expect refined cuisine that respects the traditional culture of the places and the recipes of our ancestors.

The Egadi Islands archipelago, located in the Sicilian Channel a few miles off the western Sicilian coast, comprises three main islands-Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo-and the islets of Formica and Maraone, little more than two rocks. Experiencing these islands aboard our boats can give you aadventure full of emotions: just try to imagine a roadstead bath done at the early morning or with the incredible shades of a breathtaking sunset, on a warm May day, in the cool water of August, or simply in the gentle warmth of September. In short, you just need to choose your favorite scenario but either way it will be pure excitement.


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