Koonaa Elvstrøm: a catamaran

Different boats require different solutions. KOONAA is tailored to meet the special needs of a multihull, whether it is a performance cruiser or a pure cruiser. Choose something special, choose KOONAA. It stands out among them all! Your boat is your signature. Our sails will best suit your special needs.

Koonaa Elvstrøm
Koonaa Elvstrøm

Koonaa Fathead – Double taffeta, Vectran/Technora

The EPEX layout with optimal fiber distribution allows us to make a stable and efficient Square Top sail. A best-designed square pen ensures easy sail adjustment and perfect control. When the wind increases, the top of the sail foils, resulting in a flatter sail. In light winds the extra area gives the boat more power. The square top mainsail has full battens that not only make the sail stable while sailing, but also allow the sail to virtually stow itself when it is lowered into the zippack. The double layer of taffeta also protects the sail from chafing, wear and tear and also protects the fibers from UV degradation. We will find with you the best solution for fiber type and surface combinations.

Koonaa Elvstrøm: loved by cruise passengers

Taffeta is available in light and heavy weights and in gray and white colors. The Vectran/Technora fiber combination is the most popular among cruising enthusiasts who want a high-performance, long-lasting sail.

Performance – Duration – Price

– Performance 8

– Duration 8

– Price 8

Note: Performance, durability and price indicators are illustrated for each material combination on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest.

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