Ice 64 Explorer

Ice 64 Explorer

Ice Yachts is a shipyard that is always on the move, and its ability to create custom designs means that new versions of existing models can always be born, with many new models launched each year. The latest that the Cremona-based shipyard is about to unveil is called Ice Yachts Explorer 64, a 19-meter, a genre of boat at least partly never explored by Ice, thus representing a new challenge for the shipyard. In fact, it is about declining the shipyard’s “fast cruiser” philosophy into a long-sailing yacht that offers practical and comfortable solutions for life aboard.

Ice Yacht 64 Explorer – Exterior

This is an evolution of the successful Ice 60, designed by Felci Yacht Design, butcompared to the 60, this boat offers even more “easy” and comfort-conscious sailing.

The peculiar little beach of the Ice 64 Explorer

Ice 64 Explorer, with a double rudder hull and a special shallow draft, was born as a fast cruiser of the highest quality, with an aesthetic that harkens back to the shipyard’s distinctive style. From the middle of the boat toward the stern, however, we find the characteristic carbon T top, as opposed to the traditional bimini, which contributes to a very protected deck, especially from the perspective of long sailing, which is what the boat is designed for.

At the stern is a great new feature, a small beach designed to comfortably accommodate the tender and become an alternative to indoor garages. Thanks to the bimini’s bow, it is possible to easily wing the tender in the water, simplifying embarkation and disembarkation.

The bimini is then equipped with solar panels to maximize energy efficiency, offering a sustainable approach to sailing.

The hull and deck construction, with infusion lamination from female mold and the use of hybrid fibers, ensures a combination of structural rigidity and noise and vibration reduction.


The interiors, again designed by Felci Yacht Design’s “Interiors” section, are available in the 3-cabin version and feature a spacious and welcoming dinette, which is another distinctive feature of the ICE 64.

The kitchen is open, equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, featuring a large Corian countertop and generous storage space. Natural light creates a welcoming atmosphere, while the modern and functional design of the kitchen blends in with the other rooms.

Particular is the aft cabin, designed as a versatile space that goes beyond its traditional function. In addition to being a cabin, it is designed in such a way that it can be easily transformed into a work area, offering flexibility of use that adapts to the different needs of the occupants.

The first two models of the ICE 64 are currently under construction at the ICE Y ACHTS shipyard in Salvirola, near Crema. The first one will be ready at the end of the year.

Data sheet

L.O.A. 19.70 mt
L.W.L 16.86 mt
Maximum beam 5.19 m
Fishing 2.80 m
Zavorra 6,000 kg
Engine Yanmar Diesel 4JH 110Hp
Water tank 1300 lt
Fuel tank 1200 lt
Black water tank 154 l
Grey water tank 116 lt



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