Ice 60

Ice 60

The ICE YACHTS shipyard comes to the market with the new ICE 60, a fast cruiser dedicated to passionate and competent owners who seek strong excitement and fun at the helm, with great build quality made with innovative materials. ICE 60 is a state-of-the-art yacht that stands out for its performance, on-board comfort and high seaworthiness, excellent for both demanding cruising and participation in regattas and sailing competitions.

The design

Ice 60 is a 17.99-meter sailboat. The design, we’re talking scimitar bow and smile stern is directly derived from the very recent ICE 33 racer, launched by the shipyard in June 2014 and already built by the shipyard in 5 examples, a real star performer in all the regattas it participates in. The cutting-edge design is by Felci Yacht Design and the production site is located in the historic facilities of CN Yacht 2000, a facility that has 30 years of experience and the construction of more than 80 prestigious maxi yachts to its credit.

Ice 60

On the hydrodynamic level, the water lines and appendages promise great performance, with impressive results highlighting ICE 60’s aptitude for upwind at tight angles and very fast planing at carrying gaits thanks to its significant maximum beam of 5.20 meters therefore with flat and powerful stern sections. Ensuring this performance is compounded by the high technologies used in construction and the incredible quality of craftsmanship of the highest quality, the result of technicians whose experience is the result of many years of activity dedicated to the creation of numerous boats that have written the history of sailing, not only in Italy.


The voluminous and comfortable interiors are offered with a choice of two interior layouts, as well as many finishing materials and endless details.
Another of its strengths is versatility related to possible keel configurations. In particular, the choice between a lifting keel type, which allows the draft to be changed from almost 4 meters to 2.3 meters, and a standard version keel, which at the customer’s need can vary from 2.85 meters to about 3.5 meters, allows the ICE 60 to be adapted to all needs and uses.

Ice 60

These options are also related to the optimization of torpedo weight, which is specially sized and numerically controlled. The fin made of high-characteristic Weldox steel and the numerically controlled lead torpedo also offer the advantage of percentage reduction in ballast weight and thus decreasing the total displacement of the boat, with the same righting moment.


All this makes it possible to maintain very high averages in all conditions, whether racing or cruising, sailing or motoring, in total safety and comfort. The specially designed rudder allows impressive control even when the boat is heeled or subjected to large hydrodynamic loads, confirming the great attention turned to the issue of safety, central to both design and construction. The deck reflects the general lines of Felci Yacht Designs, combining simplicity and style, modernity and efficiency, comfort and versatility.

Aft of the wheelhouses is a large lounging area, with direct access to the sea via the functional opening stern that serves as a small beach and entrance to the garage, where the large tender (mt. 3.30 without deflating it) can be stowed. The cockpit, featuring wide benches and comfortable paramare backs, is decidedly oversize and allows, in addition to comfortable protected sailing, to provide space for a large dining table. By being able to raise the level of the dinette dunnage, bringing it closer to that of the cockpit, entry is made easier also, thanks to the large front side windows, interaction with the outside environment is enhanced, making life on board more pleasant and bright.

Data sheet

Overall length: 17.99 m
Waterline length: 16.80 m
Maximum beam: 5.20 m
Dive: 2.85 m
Displacement: 17.90 t
Ballast: 6.10 t
Engine: 150 hp
Water tanks: 1000 L
Diesel tanks: 650 L
Materials: Glass-Carbon Sandwich
Construction: Infusion
Shaft: Carbon


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