Ice 60 RS

Ice 60 RS

ICE 60 RS, is the racer version of the already very fast ICE suitable for owners looking for an important boat suitable for both fast, super-comfortable cruising and even challenging racing. Derived from the powerful lines of the standard ICE 60, with a mix of content taken from the 62′ and 82′, it succeeds in enhancing the yard’s hallmarks of ruggedness, seaworthiness and performance.

Ice 60 RS is a 17.99-meter sailboat. Modern design with inverted (scimitar-shaped) foredeck, 1.3-meter-long delphiniera made of carbon, and ICE 33-style stern, launched by the shipyard in June 2014 and already built in 5 examples, a true star performer in all the regattas in which it participates, as well as a natural development of the ICE 52, another bestseller of Ice Yachts with more than 12 examples produced to date. On the hydrodynamic side, the water lines and appendages, this time featuring an unprecedented 3.40-meter draft, are designed for great performance.


The shell and deck are laminated in infusion from female mold using carbon fibers; the structures also made of carbon are laminated in place and also made in infusion, becoming one with the hull and deck. The deck in addition to the classical bonding then benefits from hand ties developed throughout the boat including the bulkheads.

Ice 60 RS

These choices, in addition to keeping weights down, give the boat a solidity and sturdiness that can withstand the repeated stresses and heavy loads faced in even the most demanding sailings.


The ICE 60 RS is equipped with a fin made of double Weldox steel with high mechanical properties and a numerically controlled milled lead torpedo, which offer the advantage of percentage reduction in ballast weight and thus the total displacement of the boat for the same righting moment. The carbon rudder with a 7-bar autoclave-forged shaft studied and designed with state-of-the-art technology allows impressive control even when the boat is heeled or subjected to large aerodynamic loads, always keeping clear the attention turned to the issue of safety, central to both design and construction.

Ice 60 RS

The deck reflects the general lines of Felci Yacht Designs, combining simplicity and style, elegance and efficiency, comfort and versatility. Following this same philosophy, the sail plan is characterized by a genoa with no overlap, no flying shrouds, and a mainsail attachment, made of carbon, placed directly on the hull.


Interiors are provided in 3- or 4-cabin versions, with 2 or 3 bathrooms. Carbon arm, 1500 cm taller than the standard 60, high-modulus to go along with the performance of the ICE 60RS to the maximum.

Data sheet


FT LENGTH: 17.99 m.


BAGGAGE MAX: 5.20 m.

FISHING: 3.40 m.

DISLOCATION: 18,200 kg.

BALLAST: 6,500 kg.



FUEL: 670 LT




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