Ice 52 RS

Ice 52 RS

The ICE YACHTS shipyard comes to the market with the sporty evolution of the ICE 52, which has already sold 6 units since its presentation at the Genoa Boat Show in October 2015.

The ICE 52 RS, developed directly by Umberto Felci’s studio together with the shipyard’s technical staff headed by Enrico Malingri, is a fast cruiser dedicated to more competitive owners who demand top performance from their boat in regattas and at the same time possible cruising use.

Ice 52 RS

Ice 52 RS – Exterior

Modern design, we are talking about upside down bow (scimitar-shaped) with a dolphin boat made of carbon and 1.3 or 1.8 mt long in the full race version and stern in the Volvo Open 70 style (smiling) comes directly from the very recent ICE 33 racer, launched by the shipyard in June 2014 and already built in 5 examples, a real star performer in all the races it participates in.

On the hydrodynamic side, the water lines and appendages, this time featuring an unprecedented 3-meter draft, are designed for great performance, with impressive results highlighting ICE 52’s aptitude for upwind at very tight angles and very fast gliding at carrying gaits…..and motoring goes at 9.2 knots cruising!!!


Ensuring this performance is compounded by the high technologies used in construction and the incredible quality of craftsmanship of the highest quality, performed by technicians with many years of experience dedicated to building boats that have written the history of sailing.


Data sheet

Overall length: 15.80 m

Length at waterline: 14.84 m

Maximum beam: 4.65 m

Axle and rudder blade: Carbon

Winch: Race

Interior: Lightened

Materials: Sandwich Carbon

Construction: Epoxy resin infusion

Shaft: Carbon

Dive: 2.80 m

Displacement: 11.30 t

Ballast: 4.70 t


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