HP V SERIES Desalinators

The HP V series meets the need for compactness on board. The vertical design of the system allows it to fit in tight spaces. The base of the HP V frame is only 470 mm X 280 mm and the height is 600 mm. These dimensions refer to the entire desalinator, which in this case does not include the membranes, which can be easily installed anywhere: vertically or horizontally. This system can be supplied at 110VAC 60Hz – 230VAC 50Hz – 230VAC 60Hz – 380VAC 50Hz – 440VAC 60Hz. The standard MODBUS protocol is installed on all units and is compatible with BiBi and Part-NET Interface. Models: HP V 70, HP V 140/1, HP V 260/2, HP V 330/3, HP V 440/4.

Optional accessories: RP TRONIC (Automatic pressure regulation) remote panel (3-year warranty). Part-NET Interface with navigation systems (Garmin, Raymarine Furuno and Navico). BiBi, remote control via the internet of the system ( 1 year warranty). AMCS (Automatic Membrane Conservation System).

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