HP DEMI5 is the original portable water softener, perfect for washing boats without the need for drying. It is also an excellent solution for filling freshwater tanks without the danger of limescale building up inside the ‘freshwater network, saving money on maintenance of pipes, boilers, pumps, washing machines, and avoiding unsightly white stains on faucets and every point in contact with fresh water. So even those who own a small boat and cannot install a watermaker can now have a system that increases the quality of water on board, and does not even require electricity to operate.

This is a product that does not require technical support, and below you can read about all its main features:

– Lightweight and compact: that’s why it’s portable
– Eliminates calcium and odors
– Perfect for cleaning all smooth boat surfaces
– Thanks to DEMI 5, there will be no more need to dry after washing boat surfaces
– It is easy to use because it is plug & play. It also does not require electricity to operate: this also means that it does not require technical support for either installation or operation
– DEMI 5 is also ideal for filling freshwater tanks, protecting the entire freshwater network (pipes, showers, faucets, dishwashers, washing machines)
– Ultra-simple and low-cost maintenance (you have to change one filter per year and refill the salt cartridge)

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