Hallberg-Rassy 64

Hallberg-Rassy 64

Flagship with regal comfort, yet manageable by a family crew

The Hallberg-Rassy 64 is the yard’s flagship, unmistakably a traditional Hallberg-Rassy boat and at the same time full of new features. An offshore cruiser for yachting enthusiasts. A flagship, but manageable by a family crew.

Hallberg-Rassy 64 – Navigation

The bridge of the Hallberg-Rassy 64

The bridge is clean and neat. All windows and doors are flush mounted. There is a solarium built into the roof of the aft cabin. The anchor windlass is hidden below the deck level. It is possible to have hydraulic furling and furling underdeck. There are a total of eight mooring cleats on the top of the teak board, of which the spring cleats are double on each side.

Good boat speed means devouring sea miles

The waterline is 2.23 m longer than the Hallberg-Rassy 62. Frers’ speed prediction chart for the Hallberg-Rassy 64 says the boat will reach 9.2 knots of speed in 10 knots of true wind and 75 degrees wind angle; 11.5 knots of boat speed with only the mainsail and traditional foresail in 25 knots of true wind at 110 degrees wind angle. This yacht is a real gobbler.


Hallberg-Rassy 64: a large, easy-to-manage cockpit

The cockpit is unusually spacious: 3.10 m long, which is 55 cm longer than the Hallberg-Rassy 62. There is a large fixed teak cockpit table. All essential navigation control functions are operated from the cockpit by a single sailor, using push-button controls as standard equipment.

Hallberg-Rassy 64

As an option there is a hydraulic forestay cutter and even a hydraulic Code Zero or furling Gennaker furler, actuated by pressing buttons from the cockpit. The washboard is elegantly and easily stored in a hidden recess. The cockpit is very well protected by the typical Hallberg-Rassy wind screen or hard top.


Lots of natural light

Living areas below deck receive plenty of natural light. In total there are no less than thirty-one portholes and skylights in the boat. There are six hull windows. Hull windows were introduced by Hallberg-Rassy in 1976. When you are seated, you look out through the four hull windows, and when you stand up, you see the outside through the large portholes in the saloon. The interior offers twelve layout choices in 5 sections, creating solutions for all tastes and needs.






10.1 cubic meters of storage space

The huge aft garage of the 8.6-cubic-meter Hallberg-Rassy 64 can hold a RIB. There is a large hydraulically foldable platform/beach and an optional retractable walkway. Along with the cockpit locker and anchor locker, there is an additional 10.1 cubic meters of storage space on the front deck.

Powerful motor

The engine is unusually well sized, even for a Hallberg-Rassy. It is a 6-cylinder Volvo Penta D6-300 with 300 hp and 669 Nm of torque at 2,500 rpm. The tanks are very capacious to ensure a long range, with 1,800 liters of diesel fuel and 1,300 liters of fresh water. With calm seas and a clean hull, fuel consumption at 1,600 rpm and 7 knots of speed is 7 liters per hour, one liter per nautical mile, which means about 1,800 nautical miles of range!

Large engine room

The engine room of the Hallberg-Rassy 64 is large, has room for a lot of technical equipment, is well acoustically insulated and allows for easy maintenance.

Generous standard equipment

The standard equipment is particularly rich, with push-button hydraulic sail rigging, 20 hp bow thruster, 8 kW generator, 120 A battery charger, 4000 W inverter, recessed skylights, basic instruments, teak deck and membrane sails, all included in the base price.


By clicking the images below you will be able to virtually move aboard some areas of the Hallberg-Rassy sailboat.

Saloon virtual reality view
Saloon virtual reality view
Aft Cabin virtual reality view
Aft Cabin virtual reality view
Engine room virtual reality view
Engine room virtual reality view

Data sheet

Designer Germán Frers
CE category A – Unlimited ocean voyages
Hull length 19,85 m
Waterline at rest 17,53 m
Beam 5,17 m
Draft, empty standard boat 2,5 m
Displacement, empty standard boat 36 t
Keel weight 12,7 t
Keel type lead on deep bilge
Sail area with jib and battenless main 173 m²
Sail area with genoa and furling main

with roach and battens

232 m²
Sail area with Code Zero and furling main

with roach and vertical battens

248 m²
Mast over water, formerly Windex 27,4 m
Engine Volvo Penta D6-300
Power at crank shaft 221 kW
Cylinders 6
Engine displacement 5.5 liters
Max torque 669 Nm at 2500 RPM
Diesel tank 1,800 liters
Fresh water tanks 1,300 liters
Holding tanks 3×75 liters


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