Hallberg-Rassy 57

HALLBERG-RASSY 57 A New Level of Navigation.

The Hallberg-Rassy 57 is the newest worldwide cruiser that follows the commercial success of the Hallberg-Rassy 44 and 340. The 57 offers the best of the Hallberg-Rassy concept combined with the latest in Frers design and development. Nominated as a finalist at the 2019 European Yacht of the Year in the “Luxury cruiser” category, it is one of the most interesting and promising newcomers in its category.


A clean and orderly bridge

The deck in front of the mast is flush: all deck hatches are flush mounted. There is a sun deck built into the roof of the aft cabin. The anchor windlass is hidden below the deck level. The furler is located below deck. Thanks to a design stratagem, there is no need for a special locker to stow the sliding hatch. In contrast, the curvatures of the outer canopy and inner ceiling leave enough space for the sliding hatch to disappear.

There are a total of eight strong mooring cleats on the top of the teak edge; of these the spring-loaded cleats are double on each side. There is an option for a retractable gangway, which folds into the large aft locker. The Hallberg-Rassy 57 is a real gobbler of miles. According to Frers’ speed chart, a loaded Hallberg-Rassy 57 will reach 8.75 knots at a true wind angle of 90 degrees, with only 10 knots of real wind.

Hallberg-Rassy 57

Double wheelhouse

In keeping with tradition, the cockpit of a Hallberg-Rassy is very well sheltered. The length of the cockpit is 2.90 m. For the first time on a Hallberg-Rassy center cockpit, the boat is built with dual wheelhouses. The design offers easy passage through the cockpit and the possibility of a large, sturdy fixed cockpit table. The width and volume of the boat make this possible.

The rudder columns are large enough to incorporate a console for a modern chart plotter with a large screen. The deep cockpit offers excellent protection. The position of the helmsman is slightly elevated to provide both a good view for the helmsman and good height space in the aft cabin.

The rudder configuration, as on the successful Hallberg-Rassy 44 and 340, is two-bladed. This ensures a boat that is easily controllable in all sailing conditions, especially in adverse weather. Each rudder has double self-adjusting bearings, providing a rudder construction that is easy to steer in all conditions. Because of their smaller surface area compared to a single rudder solution, rudder loads also decrease, thus increasing the safety factor.



10 cubic meters of deck storage space

Deck locker space is huge on the Hallberg-Rassy 57. In front of the V-shaped forward cabin is a large deck locker, an anchor locker with additional space in front, a cockpit locker, a large aft locker, and two additional aft side lockers. A 10,000-liter deck storage space is available in the complex.

Retractable Beach

The huge bathing platform folds down with the push of a button. Once closed, this ensures a clean and good-looking crossbar. This arrangement also allows for more cabinet space on the deck than a traditional integrated bathing platform.



Integrated bowsprit

There is a bowsprit integrated to the deck that is laminated as part of the hull and deck, not mounted later. The design is so beautiful that it could almost be called a work of art.

The bowsprit also serves several practical purposes:

    • Ideal and efficient tacking point for a Code Zero or gennaker
    • Ideal for carrying an anchor for the electric windlass
    • Ideal for a bow ladder, making it easy to board from a low dock

Modern sailing rig

The sail plan is modern. Garrots are not necessary, even with a high wind flake. The furler is a Furlex TD electric furler embedded in the deck controlled by push button. The high and low shrouds are attached to the hull with different metal plates. This allows easy passage to the deck, a good set up for adjusting the headsail and creating a large stable mast support. A powerful hydraulic backstay is provided as standard. The jib has a low overlap, making it easy to change walls.

A sailboat like the Hallberg-Rassy 57 is set up for effortless sailing. There are tools to handle this large yacht with minimal crew, such as hydraulic furling in the mast, optional hydraulic main luff, motorized furling, motorized winches, hydraulic backstay tensioner, optional hydraulic push-button adjustment of the main halyard and jib, bow thruster, optional stern thruster with docking function, push-button operated swim platform, and an optional retractable gangway.


The interior offers spacious accommodation. The forward cabin and starboard cabin are very large for the size of the yacht, with plenty of storage space, side space, and large and generous bed sizes. The aV cabin is so comfortable that it is large enough as a second master cabin.

It goes without saying that all interiors are bright and inviting. The entire interior is arranged on a single level area, comfortable and safe, both at sea and in the marina. Directly in the entrance area is a special water locker. The aft cabin is large, airy, and with significant comfort.

The galley has huge work areas and allows for a Miele induction stove, a dishwasher, a microwave oven, and a second freezer. Interior woodwork is in traditional mahogany, polished European oak or teak. All finished in clear varnish with horizontal grain.







Engine room

There is a large door and an accessible engine room. The technical room is carefully acoustically insulated, and perforated aluminum plates cover the insulation material.

Here are the technical equipment: Volvo Penta D4-180 low-speed, 180-hp main engine, and a 17.5 kW low-speed generator with sound protection, heater, pumps, filters, pressure equalizer for the freshwater system, AquaDrive flexible coupling for the crankshaft, high-pressure pump for the desalinator, to name a few. All easy to maintain, all well soundproofed. The engine room lighting is 24 v, and there is also an optional 230 v fluorescent light, with ground or inverter power.

Heavy lead keel on a deep flange

The all-lead keel has a heavy bulb with a low center of gravity and weighs 9.9 tons. The keel is bolted onto a deep flange for added strength and comfort. The hull has an integral rubber edge.



By clicking the images below you will be able to virtually move aboard some areas of the Hallberg-Rassy sailboat.


360° virtual reality views



Data sheet

Designer Germán Frers Naval Architecture
CE category A – Unlimited ocean voyages
Hull length 17.44 m
Maximum length 18.44 m
Waterline at rest 16.77 m
Beam without rubrail 5.11 m
Beam with rubrail 5.15 m
Draught, empty standard boat 2.43 m

Also available as a shallow draught version

Keel weight 9.9 t
Keel type lead on deep bilge
Sail area with genoajib 163 m²
Sail area, optimized main and genoajib 181 m²
Air draft, formerly Windex 26.9 m
Engine Volvo Penta D4-175
Power at crank shaft 129 kW
Transmission Hydraulic with shaft
Diesel 1050 l
Fresh water 1030 l


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