Hallberg-Rassy 44

Hallberg-Rassy 44: the best of Hallberg-Rassy tradition, enriched with innovations

They wrote of her, “TheHallberg-Rassy 44 is one of the best HRs ever made, combining the good construction and seaworthiness of previous boats with the increased speed that a modern hull design has enabled.”

The all-new Hallberg-Rassy 44 combines the best of Hallberg-Rassy for fast and comfortable cruising. It was an immediate commercial success with orders from all over the world.


Double rudder blade

The double rudder configuration offers state-of-the-art hull control in all conditions, in all gaits. The reduced load on each rudder increases the safety of the system. The mechanical advantage of a single large rudder wheel also gives the helmsman more control and feedback under sail, especially in difficult weather conditions.

There is a bowsprit built into the deck that serves many purposes:

  • is an ideal and efficient tacking point for a code zero, or gennaker
  • Is ideal for carrying an anchor for the electric windlass
  • is ideal for a bow ladder, making it easy to board from a low dock or in a natural harbor.

Hidden control lines in the cockpit

There is a winch in the starboard sickle of the cockpit. Ropes and halyards are well hidden. Excess lines are collected in a stowage box well hidden in the sickle cell. If you have electric furling inside the mast, you can control the output, vang, main halyard and code zero halyard from the cockpit.


Spacious cockpit

In keeping with tradition, the cockpit of a Hallberg-Rassy is very well sheltered. The length is 2.29 m, which is 19 cm longer than the 43 Mk III. The helm column has room for a good-sized modern chart plotter with multi-function display.

Foldable small beach

There is a large folding beach. As standard, the platform folds down manually; push-button operation is available as an option. When the platform is not in use, the transom is elegantly closed.

Modern sail plan

The sail plan is modern. It is also possible to mount a storm sail without garrotting. The jib is low overlap, facilitating the passage of tacking walls. There is also the possibility of a self-tacking jib rigging. Rollaranda and rollafio are electric, by Seldén. The winches are also electric, in standard equipment. The Elvstrom mainsail is designed for the Fatfurl inner mast roll system, and is made of Epex membrane with vertical battens. The high and low shrouds are attached to the hull with different metal plates, an invention of Hallberg-Rassy. This allows easy passage to the deck, a good set up for adjusting the headsail and creating a large stable mast support.


A powerful 1:48 hydraulic backstay is provided as standard. The furler is a Furlex TD embedded in the deck. The deck layout is clean and neat, with electric winch mounted below deck, and all deck hatches are flush mounted.

The waterline is 12.88 m, 1.13 m longer than on the 43 Mk III. Frers’ speed prediction chart says a loaded Hallberg-Rassy 44 will make 8.49 knots of speed at 100 degrees with only 12 knots of real wind.



One or two cabins in front of the mast

There are four options for the layout of cabins in front of the mast. Two with one cabin and two with a two-cabin configuration. The standard layout includes a large V-shaped cabin and a very large bathroom with a separate shower with Plexiglas glass doors and space for a washing machine. There is plenty of cabinet space, two hanging cabinets and a seat.

There are two layout options with an extra cabin: with a large bathroom and an extra two berth cabin to starboard, as well as the standard cabin forward. Another option available is to have a supercabin in front, moved a little further aft to make a large bed with extra storage in front of the bed.

Generous aft cabin

The aft cabin is generous for the size of the boat and is available in two versions; two individual berths with a large sofa between, or a very comfortable extra-wide center berth with a dressing room to starboard and a rounded seat to port. The aft bathroom is generous with a separate shower and Plexiglas doors. There is an opening porthole to the cockpit.

Linear or U-shaped kitchen

You can choose between the standard U-shaped galley to starboard or the optional linear galley to port, with ample work space on both sides. There are also options for a freezer, microwave oven, extraction fan with charcoal filter, and even room for a dishwasher.

Lots of natural light

The floor is on one level throughout the boat There are six flush-fitted deck hatches and eight opening portholes, as well as four hull portholes. The hull portholes are larger than those of other Hallberg-Rassys of this size. They are now as big as those of the flagship Hallberg-Rassy 64. All portholes and deck portholes have clear glass, except in the bathrooms, where they are milk-colored to allow light to enter this compartment, but with a darkened view.

The Hallberg-Rassy 44 has plenty of natural light and good ventilation throughout the interior.





Data sheet

Designer Germán Frers, Argentina
CE category A – Unlimited ocean
Hull length 13,68 m
Maximum length 14,45 m
Waterline at rest 12,88 m
Beam 4,20 m
Draft, empty standard boat 2,10 m

Also available as a shallow draft version

Displacement, empty standard boat 13.3 tons
Keel weight 5.3 tons
Keel type lead on deep bilge
Sail area with genoajib, standard boat 106,5 m²
Sail area with genoajib, optimized sail area 113,1 m²
Air draft, formerly Windex 21,6 m
Engine Volvo Penta D2-75
Power at crank shaft 55 kW
Transmission Hydraulic with shaft
Diesel tank 420 liters
Fresh water tanks 745 liters



TOUR 360°

By clicking the images below you will be able to virtually move aboard some areas of the Hallberg-Rassy sailboat.

Starboard side living room, mahogany
Starboard side living room, mahogany
European oak living room
European oak living room
Teak living room
Teak living room
European oak aft cabin
European oak aft cabin
Mahogany aft cabin
Mahogany aft cabin
Teak stern cabin
Teak stern cabin
Stern bath
Stern bath
Virtual Tour by Graham Snook
Virtual Tour by Graham Snook



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