Hallberg-Rassy 40C

Hallberg-Rassy 40C: a boat that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in 40 feet in length

When it was introduced, theHallberg-Rassy 44 marked a bold step forward in terms of interior comfort, sailing performance and appearance. The new Hallberg-Rassy 40C is equivalent to the 44 in terms of the salon, aft cabin and galley. Combined with a cockpit that has exactly the same measurements as the 44 and fantastic sailing performance, and success is assured!


A classic and modern design

The exterior unites two worlds in an elegant way. There is no doubt that this is a boat in step with the times in 2020. At the same time, it is also obvious to any sailor that this is a true Hallberg-Rassy, with all that this means, such as brand identity, safety, and stylistic continuity. The bow is straight, for a long waterline and top sail performance, with an integrated and elegant bowsprit to handle a light wind sail, anchor and a bow ladder. The line of the bow is elegant and classy.

Hallberg-Rassy 40C

The transom is also straight and very full. This offers plenty of living space, huge storage and a long waterline for sailing.

Of course, the boat has twin rudders for full control while sailing and for safety. Needless to say, there are all the typical Hallberg-Rassy solutions, such as:

  • very well sheltered cockpit
  • the integral protective edge
  • A heavy lead keel with a low center of gravity, on a deep flange for harsh conditions
  • a suitable broadside with teak edge, so that rainwater is discharged below the waterline, avoiding staining the hull.



Modern sailing facility

The sail rig of the Hallberg-Rassy 40C is also modern and easy to handle. No garrots are needed, even with a storm sail. The jib is low overlap, facilitating the passage of tacking walls. There is also the possibility of a self-tacking jib rigging. The furler is recessed into the deck. The high and low shrouds are attached to the hull with different metal plates, an invention of Hallberg-Rassy. This allows easy passage to the deck, a good set up for adjusting the headsail and creating a large stable mast support. A powerful 1:48 hydraulic backstay is provided as standard.








Data sheet

Designer Germán Frers, Argentina
CE category A – Unlimited ocean
Max length 13,06 m
Hull length 12,30 m
Waterline at rest 11,74 m
Beam 4,18 m
Draft, empty standard boat 1,92 m

Also available as a shallow draft version

Displacement, empty standard boat 11 tons
Keel weight 3.65 tons
Keel type lead on deep bilge
Sail area with genoajib, standard boat 90,1 m²
Sail area with genoajib, optimized sail area 96,6 m²
Air draft, formerly Windex 19,75 m
Engine Volvo Penta D2-60
Power at crank shaft 44 kW
Max torque
169 Nm
Diesel tank 400 liters



360° Tours

By clicking the images below you will be able to virtually move aboard some areas of the Hallberg-Rassy sailboat.



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