Grand Soleil 52LC

Grand Soleil 52LC

The Long Cruise range dedicated to the “Blue Water” world was born in 2015 with the 46LC, winner of the European Yacht Of The Year award in the Luxury Cruiser category. The success of this model, led to the creation of a larger LC. Design, comfort and made in Italy are the must-have features of this new 52LC, designed in collaboration once again with Marco Lostuzzi and Nauta Design.

The LC range, with its large volumes, provides greater comfort and luxurious living on board. All maneuvering is deferred below deck to the helmsman’s station: this makes long sailings easy and enjoyable, even with a small crew. This type of organization then frees the cockpit from clutter, leaving room for areas of complete relaxation.


Grand Soleil 52LC: Cruiser or Sport, everything is at your fingertips

In the Sport version, the rollbar disappears, giving way to the fixed point of the mainsail sheet in the cockpit, the mast is enlarged and gains in height one meter and forty centimeters giving the sail area of the mainsail 12 square meters more. In the Cruiser version the rigging is spiroidal, the jib is self-tacking, and there are benches aft while in the Sport version the rigging is rod, the jib has rails, and the benches aft disappear.

Grand Soleil 52LC

In this area of the boat we notice other differences, in the sport version the swim platform is flush while in the cruiser version it is 20 centimeters higher. The two versions also differ in the bow: furling furling on deck for the rollbar version, flush furling for the sportier version.

Grand Soleil 52LC: spacious through flexible harmony

Below deck, everything is designed to ensure maximum comfort worthy of a Long Cruise boat. Large windows give a bright and airy look to the interior. The galley and dinette are spacious and comfortable even while sailing and provide a different setup for each need. Attention to detail and well-thought-out layout thus create the perfect atmosphere of a Long Cruise boat.

The GS52 LC provides 3 very comfortable double cabins: it is also possible to have a private bathroom for each cabin. The master cabin provides 2 layouts; with a classic bed toward the bow or a French version with a spacious bathroom forward. The 52 LC also provides a sailmaker’s cove/cabin and a tender garage. The day bath can become a fourth cabin upon request.



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