Grand Soleil 48

Grand Soleil 48 – “Tailor made” construction at the top of the range

The Grand Soleil 48 Performance was born from the collaboration of three important teams: the technical department of Cantiere del Pardo, the Nauta Yacht Design studio, which took care of the interior and deck, and Marco Lostuzzi for naval architecture. The combination of the great skills of this trio resulted in a project whose first goal was to put a fast, high-performance boat on the water.

Top-notch materials and construction techniques were chosen for this important project. A unique feature of the Grand Soleil 48 is that the owner can choose from three different types of construction: the infusion Race version can be made of epoxy and fiberglass or epoxy and carbon with as many as four composite bulkheads, while the hand-laminated Performance version is made of vinylester and fiberglass (with the main bulkhead made of composite).

Grand Soleil 48: “everything” on deck from performace to race

The deck plan of the Grand Soleil 48 is one of the most interesting points: in fact, it is mainly here that the Race version transforms into Performance or vice versa. The former comes with six to eight winches on deck (in fact, two winches are also provided aft to adjust the split backstay), a hydraulic piston at the bow to adjust the forestay, a jib equipped with cross rails to adjust the mainsheet point, and a delphiniera almost twice as long as the one aboard the Performance version to have more sail area at the carriers.


The Performance version, on the other hand, is equipped with four winches within reach of the helmsman and a self-tacking jib as standard to allow easy handling of the boat even with a small crew and greater comfort on board. Simple technical solutions have been well integrated with the aesthetics of the deck, and this excellent combination has resulted in a large cockpit, a clean and spacious deck due to the fact that all rigging is recessed below deck, excellent performance and speed during racing, and ease of handling while cruising.

Grand Soleil 48: super light and “demountable” interior

Spaces below decks enjoy a generous beam and freeboard that give spacious and comfortable interiors equipped with three cabins and two bathrooms both with separate shower stalls (a unique solution aboard a hull with a race soul), plus of course the galley, dinette and charting. Making the interior spaces even more comfortable is the considerable natural light that enters through the various windows in the hull and on the deck.

Grand Soleil 48

All interiors are made of quality materials in the unmistakable Grand Soleil style: in the Race version, lightened woods save 30/40% of the weight. As for the Race version, it is also planned that many modular parts are easily disassembled allowing not only to further lighten the boat but also to free up the space needed to lay out bags with sails without ruining the furniture.

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