Garmin Marine – Sailing Boats of 21 meters

Garmin Marine – Sailing Boats of 21 meters

Garmin Marine also offers the connection scheme for sailboats of 70 feet, about 21 meters. Electronics on boats of this type are essential for safe navigation. Here are the ideal solutions according to Garmin Marine.

Garmin Marine has designed connection diagrams depending on the type of vessel and use to make it easy for the owner or shipyard to choose the most suitable instrumentation. Today we look at the wiring diagrams of a 21-meter sailboat.

Garmin Marine – 70 feet sailboat

On a 70-foot ocean-going sailboat , about 21 meters, here is what is the ideal instrumentation that should not be missing on board. The boat has two wheelhouses and a large chart plotter.


  • GPSMAP 8410: 10-inch chartplotter with full HD IPS (in-plane switching) touchscreen and world basemap.
  • GPS 24xd: High-sensitivity receiver capable of locating GNSS satellite systems, ensures accurate and precise data such as position and speed of the vessel with a high degree of reliability even at low speeds.
  • GNX 120 : 7″ glass-bonded LCD display capable of displaying over 50 nautical parameters.
  • GPS/GLONASS GA38: Designed to take advantage of the GLONASS satellite system/constellation and standard GPS, this rugged outdoor antenna comes inside a low-profile, waterproof housing and provides 3 simple mounting solutions: pole, surface, or below deck (for the underside of fiberglass decks).
  • Compact Reactor 40 autopilot: This remarkable autopilot adapts to any sea conditions to enable you to stay on course. The Reactor 40 can perfectly maintain the set course even in rolling and pitching in rough seas.


  • GMR 18x HD Radome: This 18-inch high-definition radome combines ease of use with advanced features typical of open arrays for better insight into the surrounding environment.
  • GMS 10: Self-configuring 5-input network hub with 100 MB data transfer rate, enabling plug and play connection of multiple devices to the Garmin Marine Network and expansion of its capabilities. Devices connected to this device are automatically detected and are immediately accessible once connected to the network.
  • VHF 315i: The VHF 315i is a modular system that provides maximum convenience on large vessels where there is a need for a station with multiple communication stations or on vessels where there is no space to install a traditional VHF in the console. It has a built-in GPS receiver with connector for optional external antenna.
  • GHS 11i: The GHS 11i unit is a compact, rugged, fully waterproof handset compatible with AIS and 210i VHFs. Equipped with a 2″ LCD display, multifunction keypad and dedicated buttons for channel 16 access and DSC function, this device can also be used as a secondary station of the VHF unit.
  • Transducer gWind: Includes two-fin technology with three-blade propeller.
  • GND 10 Black Box: Converts data between Nexus network and NMEA 2000 to provide compatibility between Nexus and Garmin products.
  • Airmar DST 810 transducer: A NMEA 2000 pass-through multisensor that combines depth, velocity, and temperature with trending attitude/stall and roll/pitch data


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