Garcia Exploration 60

Garcia Exploration 60

Garcia Exploration 60 is the size of sailboat that offers greater range, storage volume, greater comfort and more refinement. All this while remaining, like the rest of the range, easy to conduct for an unmanned couple thanks to deferred maneuvers in the cockpit.

Far longer than the 52, our new Garcia Exploration 60 offers far more with a large hard top with canopy toward the stern, a cockpit with the steering area well separated from the lounging area, and a sundeck. The Garcia Exploration 60 is also designed, in fact, for tropical cruising. A real kitchen and a really large and comfortable living room.

Garcia Exploration 60 – Exterior

We find in the Garcia Exploration 60 the deck saloon with the panoramic view, ideal for the interior command post complete with a real wheelhouse, extreme care, insulation with double glazing and insulated doors, weight distribution amidships and external guard posts protected by the hard top.

As its name suggests, the Exploration is ideal for any destination and sailing program.All the facilities for mooring and anchoring are provided: the roll-bar with davits for the tender, the stern beach for easy access to the sea, additional built-in mooring lines.

Garcia Exploration 60 - Exterior 1

The refinement of the lines does not detract from the functions provided for potentially extreme sailing conditions. On the contrary it facilitates them, just like the rigid casquette, something that is now inseparable from the range and discreetly emphasizes the lines of the deckhouse. From the outside you will appreciate the dynamics, while from the saloon and its large windows you will never tire of contemplating the elements around you. The deck, totally flush in front of the characteristic panoramic deckhouse, makes it easy to move around, and navigational maneuvers are always safe, as are routes to the bow, the beautiful bow, always sturdy and more elegant than ever.


If you are won over by the exterior of the Garcia Exploration 60, you cannot help but be seduced by the layouts created by interior designer Isabelle Racoupeau.

Just a few steps from the spacious cockpit await unparalleled space, light, and views of the outdoors. In a cozy atmosphere with refined elegance, the deck saloon, interior dashboard and saloon redefine notions of space on board. Different layouts were created to suit different schedules, combining the owner’s cabin and guest cabins, crew and more technical areas.

Interior design

Offer the best, provide more-this was the philosophy that guided the interior design of this exceptional sixty-foot boat. We took advantage of every inch to provide more comfort, more space, both for work and for relaxation and rest. We used the available volumes to provide new functions: a portside lounge area, an independent interior command bridge, a crew cabin, an owner’s cabin forward or aft, more technical areas, and even a sauna. The range of possibilities offered by the Garcia Exploration 60 is sure to surprise you.

Garcia Exploration 60 - interior 1

This unique creation is accompanied by materials with impeccable aesthetic and technical qualities, carefully designed lighting for the different phases of life on board, highlighting the exceptional cabinetry work in the type of wood chosen.

A sailboat from the poles to the tropics

Key elements

  • Concept
  • Integral drift
  • Living room with 270° panoramic view
  • Solidity and robustness


  • Thermal insulation
  • Large autonomy and technical room
  • Fold-down stern beach for easy access to the sea


  • Navigation with reduced crew
  • Protected sump
  • Two rudders


  • Aluminum bow and stern bulkheads
  • Inside wheelhouse
  • Watertight entrance door

Naval architecture

With its aluminum hull, the Garcia Exploration 60 is particularly solid, and its deck structure, its cutter rig easily controllable. Garcia Exploration 60 is a centerboarder designed for the high seas. A boat that can be controlled with your fingertips from one of the two magnificent steering consoles, which transmit your commands to the dual rudders with pinpoint accuracy.

With crew protection, perfect maneuvering ergonomics, and unparalleled views from the cockpit and interior, our flagship takes you into a new dimension of Exploration sailboats.

The cockpit of the Garcia Exploration 60 becomes an outdoor lounge, the aft platform becomes even more versatile, sometimes a diving board, boarding platform or bathing platform.

Its generous size allows for a combination of luxurious living spaces, technical areas and storage volumes, so you can of plan to go farther and farther, even longer–with or without a crew.

Data sheet

3 versions of layouts planned


Length f.t. 19.50 m
Length of construction 18.27 m
Length at waterline 16.77 m
Baglio 5.40 m
Fishing (drift down) 3.65 m
Drafting (drift up) 1.50 m
Maximum height (without antennas) TB
Displacement 35 t
Keel weight TB
Diesel fuel 2 500 l
Fresh water 800 l
Black water tank TB
Number of cabins 2-4
Number of beds 4-6-8



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