Garcia Exploration 52

Garcia Exploration 52: sail anywhere in the world in complete comfort

Arctic, Archipelagos, Galapagos, Patagonia, Mediterranean… the Garcia Exploration 52 is a full-drift yacht with pilot saloon designed for discerning sailors eager to be able to sail anywhere, in any weather, off the beaten path, even with a small crew.

Garcia Exploration 52 is a 52-footer is exactly what you need to comfortably share your travels, whether they are to the Poles or the Tropics.

If you think of the Exploration 45 as the ideal boat for a couple touring the world, the extra 52 welcomes family and friends for the time needed to share the most beautiful places on our planet.



The core of the Garcia exploration concept obviously remains unchanged. Only a little more than a meter of draft when needed: it is an integral drift. The gray of the hull does not hide the solidity of the aluminum even though its elegant and precise curvatures suggest that it is made with a mold.

In front of the Garcia Exploration 52’s large cockpit, with its cleverly designed ergonomics, the hard top protects two true guard stations and provides a true passage area before entering the interior.

Garcia Exploration 52

In three convenient steps you go through the watertight door leading into the quadrangle. Whether you are standing or in the kitchen, sitting in the vast living room or at the interior command post, you will never miss a single moment of what is happening outside through the magnificent 270-degree view windows.

Naval architecture

Designing boats to go far, in all weather conditions-this is what Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design has been working on with talent for thirty years. With the help of Garcia Yachts’ in-house design office, which has as many as forty-five years of experience in ocean cruising, they were able to best determine all the fundamentals of the Garcia Exploration 52 exploration sailboat: marine qualities and comfort at all gaits, in all weather conditions, long distances traveled thanks to regular average speeds under all circumstances, high cargo capacity that does not affect performance.

By translating Jimmy Cornell’s inspiration into drawings, shapes and plans, the Exploration 52 design team-assisted by experienced sailor and pilot Halvard Mabire for cockpit ergonomics-has met the challenge of delivering a boat that is true to the original spirit while offering increased performance in every single area.


This is particularly evident in the interior, where of course the striking triptych of panoramic view, deck salon and forward navigation station is renewed but the three double cabins also find their place.

The full-width master cabin at the front will not fail to seduce you with its volume, light, storage and work spaces, and private bathroom.

Garcia Exploration 52

Below the salon, to starboard, the technical room (or optional fourth cabin) is used for storage of provisions and spare parts, possibly housing a large-capacity washer-dryer.

The kitchen and living room are suitable to accommodate 6 to 8 people in comfort. The soft upholstery, the leather upholstery of the handrails, the Corian of the countertops, the lighting suitable for each function, all combine to make you feel serene, confident that you have made the right choice.


Garcia Exploration 52: cruising sailboat

Key elements


  • Aluminum centerboard (integral drift)
  • Anchor chain locker well centered at the base of the mast
  • Two rudders (JEFA system on self-aligning bearings)


  • Deck saloon with panoramic view
  • Protected guard position with excellent visibility to the bow
  • Ample storage space throughout the boat


  • Watertight entrance door
  • Aluminum bow and stern bulkhead
  • Passacrafts above the waterline


  • Most of the maneuvers deferred to the cockpit
  • Reinforced bow wheel
  • Integrated roll-bar for: instrumentation, solar panels, wind generator, tender


Data sheet

Length f.t. 16.65 m
Length of construction 15.84 m
Length at waterline 14.59 m
Baglio 4.80 m
Fishing (drift down) 2.90 m
Drafting (drift up) 1.27 m
Maximum height (without antennas) 21.50 m
Displacement 19.5 t
Keel weight 6.574 t
Diesel fuel 1.200 l
Fresh water 880 l
Black water tank 140 l
Number of cabins 3-4
Number of beds 5-6-8



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