Garcia Exploration 45

Garcia Exploration 45

“I was looking for a sailboat suitable for a voyage that would combine sailing in high latitudes and the tropics, but I could not find a solution on the market. I decided to design a new boat that came close to being the perfect cruising sailboat. I am very happy to share my enthusiasm with the team at Garcia Yachts shipyard, one of the best aluminum boat builders in the world.”
(Jimmy Cornell)

Over the past four decades, Jimmy Cornell has sailed hundreds of thousands of nautical miles; the Garcia shipyard has built the most iconic offshore cruising boats; Berret Racoupeau has designed as many. Their union could only result in a sailboat with a well-defined character, which would become the Exploration 45.

Garcia Exploration 45, a sailboat for all latitudes. Here is the aluminum centerboarder designed to navigate any sea. The first specimen of a line dedicated to sailing in all the seas of the world, whether extreme latitudes or tropical, is obviously made of aluminum and is a centerboarder. With double rudders, the control in rough seas and smoothness of movement becomes simply outstanding.



Garcia Exploration 45 – Exterior

All maneuvering is deferred to the cockpit, which is particularly well protected by its innovative casquette with a view toward the bow. Moving around the deck is especially safe, with the handrail always at hand and a sturdy mast-foot pulpit. There is also very easy access to the forepeak, which is separated from the rest of the interior by a watertight bulkhead, an ideal complement to the aft technical room.

Garcia Exploration 45

The interior of the Garcia Exploration 45 particularly impresses with the boldness and intelligence of its solutions. The deck saloon offers an unexpected panoramic view of the sea-the privilege of comfortably enjoying the exceptional scenery surrounding the boat. The safety of always keeping an eye on the course by checking it even from the inner guard position. The Garcia Exploration 45 can be built in two- or three-cabin versions, and the interiors are available in two woods; The warmth of afrormosia or the brightness of light oak, the choice is yours.


Interior design
Just two steps from the outside, you are welcomed into a real cocoon with a sea view. Thermal and acoustic insulation of the hull and windows protects against the elements. Note that Sébastien Roubinet, an extreme adventurer at high latitudes, supervised the design of the thermal insulation of Garcia Exploration 45.

Garcia Exploration 45

Between the watertight bulkheads at the bow to separate from the sail locker and at the stern to isolate the wheelhouse, the layout extends logically and comfortably. Deck saloon, dashboard with panoramic views, large galley, two cabins and as many bathrooms one of which has a separate shower, a large technical room with workshop (or third cabin), nothing is missing. Moving, resting, preparing, sharing or simply enjoying the journey is a joy every day with the Garcia Exploration 45.


Garcia Exploration 45, a sailboat for all latitudes


  • Integral aluminum drift
  • Anchor chain locker well centered at the base of the mast
  • Two rudders (JEFA system on self-aligning bearings)


  • Deck saloon with panoramic view
  • Protected guard position with excellent visibility to the bow
  • Ample storage space throughout the boat


  • Watertight entrance door
  • Aluminum bow and stern bulkhead
  • Passacrafts above the waterline


  • Most of the maneuvers deferred to the cockpit
  • Reinforced bow wheel
  • Integrated roll-bar for: instrumentation, solar panels, wind generator, tender

Naval architecture
When sailing under autopilot or from one of two wheels that always offer the ideal position, the Garcia Exploration 45’s skeg-protected dual rudders control the generous hull effortlessly and precisely, whatever the wind and sea conditions.

Designed by Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design, the modern hull works wonders at every moment of cruising: power, carrying capacity, crew protection and smooth passage over waves. The latter is in particular the result of very careful weight centering, for example by placing the anchor chain locker at the base of the mast.

The sail plan is from the particularly balanced Garcia Exploration 45, easily adapted with the foresail on its furler and reefing lines deferred in the cockpit, the same in load-bearing gaits with the zero-tail, gennaker or asymmetric spinnaker rigged on the solid bow thruster. The ergonomics of sail handling combines simplicity and efficiency, the result of experience and specific work on deck layout. Everywhere you feel safe and comfortable.


Data sheet

Length f.t. 14.88 m
Length of construction 14.21 m
Length at waterline 12.57 m
Baglio 4.44 m
Fishing (drift down) 2.90 m
Drafting (drift up) 1.14 m
Maximum height (without antennas) 19.80 m
Displacement 14,612 t
Keel weight 4,540 t
Diesel fuel 700 l
Fresh water 500 l
Black water tank 110 l



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