Garcia Explocat 52

Explocat 52

“The Explocat 52 goes off the beaten path and greatly expands the range of possibilities in a catamaran.”
(Marc d´Arbigny, Garcia Yachts General Manager)

A two-hull version of the “Exploration” concept, the Explocat 52 combines all the advantages of multihulls for an unparalleled result: space, safety, comfort, range and performance.
The advantages of a good catamaran are well known: on-board living spaces both inside and on deck, above-average performance, ease of maneuvering, and, above all, stability that allows everyone to appreciate the pleasure of sailing.

Garcia Yachts matches it with its philosophy and experience to make it a modern exploration yacht in the absolute sense: undeniable aluminum strength for hulls, structure and deck, marine qualities, crew protection, ease of maneuvering, accurate insulation, high-end equipment and comfort.

To reconcile what might have seemed contradictory, to bring together what seemed incompatible, it took all the experience of Garcia Yachts, the know-how of its teams, the intelligence of our partners, architect and designer, to offer a new way of exploring the world: here is the Explocat 52.

Garcia Yachts presents the first video of the Garcia Explocat 52 under sail. Intended for sailing off the beaten path, this aluminum Exploration catamaran greatly expands the field of catamaran possibilities: it offers a new way of exploring the world, heretofore reserved for monohulls.



Garcia Explocat 52 – Exterior

The aluminum catamaran, Exploration par excellence

Two shallow-draft aluminum hulls, resistant to the vagaries of the most extreme long-distance sailing; bows capable of weathering all storms with peace of mind: the Garcia Explocat 52 fits perfectly into the historic Garcia lineage.
Maneuverable in pairs, it offers the crew safe shelter in all sea conditions. The generous sail plan and light weight make for agile sailing for miles with first-class comfort.
A subtle synthesis of proven solutions and innovations, Garcia Explocat 52 can offer a truly unique sailing experience. It is a perfect depiction of Garcia Yachts’ signature “Nowhere you can’t go.”

Explocat 52

Naval architecture

As a worthy bearer of the Garcia Yachts crest, the Explocat 52 has all the qualities needed to sail anywhere on its own. Design, structure, materials, and equipment are defined so that they can face the harshest conditions with confidence.

Meticulous construction, rigid platform, sail plan and rich equipment, meticulous ergonomics: the Explocat 52 is the result of thousands of hours of engineering, comparison and reflection for an exclusive result. Always with the priority of offering maximum protection and ease of maneuvering to the crew, even small ones.

Its carrying capacity, the size of the water and fuel tanks, the different sources of energy on board-these peculiarities enable the most ambitious sailing projects to be planned. The Explocat 52 emerges as the new benchmark for cruising catamarans for unlimited programs.

The Explocat 52’s external steering position can also be equipped with a pivoting rudder tiller system. This equipment allows steering both in the lowered position sheltered from the cockpit and in the raised position for maneuvering and sailing in good weather.
The forward cockpit contributes to making the Explocat 52 an outstanding unit. From here the crew has the opportunity to comfortably observe their surroundings.



Thanks to the windows, the Garcia Explocat 52 has a full panoramic view from the salon. Garcia Explocat 52 combines the functional advantages of a catamaran with the qualities of an Exploration Yacht. Reaching the northernmost latitudes, the most remote islands, happens with unparalleled on-board comfort. Insulation, rigging, joinery and upholstery are up to the standards preferred by the discerning sailors who have chosen the Garcia Exploration range.

From the Garcia Explocat 52’s indoor navigation station, you have a panoramic view of the landscape and can actively supervise and control the navigation of your Explocat 52, warm and dry, no matter what the outside conditions are.

Explocat 52

You will be surprised by the size and brightness of the living room, kitchen, cabins and bathrooms, in the different configurations offered or in the unique one you have imagined. Movement between these various private spaces inside or out directly onto the large aft cockpit or through the solid watertight door to the forward cockpit is always smooth.


Key elements


  • Aluminum catamaran
  • Robustness “ready for anything”
  • Protected maneuvering stations


  • Thermal insulation
  • Great autonomy
  • Bow cockpit


  • Navigation with reduced crew
  • Protected government post
  • Ability to cope with difficult conditions


  • Passing over the waves
  • Watertight bulkheads fore and aft
  • Inside wheelhouse


Data sheet

Length f.t. 16.95 m
Baglio 8.20 m
Fishing 1.50 m
Displacement 18,9 t
Gennaker 185 m²
Upwind Sail Area 167 m²
Engines 2 x 60 hp
Water tank 660 l
Diesel fuel tanks 2 x 550 l



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