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Faurby 460

Faurby Yacht ‘s mission is to dedicate ourselves to continuing theproud tradition of our craftsmanship combined with the use of modern technology. Each hull is molded in one process and in one piece to achieve superior durability. All raw teak boards are cut, abraded, polished, and shaped from scratch. We use only precious materials and components, selected with perfection.

Since 1976 Faurby Yacht has built 10 to 15 yachts each year, so you will not encounter a Faurby every day. Most of our yachts are built in close collaboration with its owner, who contributes by adding his or her personal touch to the new yacht. From 1976 until today we also provide services to most of our shipowners.

The Faurby Yacht shipyard is located in Lunderskov, not far from Kolding in the southern part of Denmark. In cooperation with Nordship Yachts, we have a large construction and assembly shed, carpentry workshop, warehouse and office.


Faurby 460 – Exterior

Among others then, the Faurby 460 is everything a discerning sailor could ask for in terms of speed, elegance and style combined with new standards of comfort. With its 46 feet of luxury and high performance, this is the perfect boat for all sailing enthusiasts, thanks in part to the design mastery of naval architecture by CDE Danish Marine Design APS.

Each Faurby yacht is based on an understanding of the future owner‘s needs, desires, and dreams; our individual design allows the yacht to be focused more or less toward cruising, long-distance cruising, or performance.

Data sheet

Overall length: 14.70 meters
Hull length: 14.03 meters
Length at the waterline: 12.70 meters
Beam: 3.90 meters
Draught: 2.25 meters
Displacement: 10,500 kg
Ballast: 4,200 kg
Ballast coefficient: 40%
Displacement/Length Ratio: 142.5
Sail area: 110 square meters
Sail to length ratio: 23.3
Fuel tank (diesel): 190 liters
Water tank: 300 liters
Engine: 75 HP
Transmission: Saildrive
RCD Category: A (ocean)



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