Euphoria 68

Euphoria 68

the blue water cruiser born from the pencil of German Frérs and built by Sirena Marine

The concept that guided the creation of this Euphoria 68 is to offer a boat suitable for those owners who dream of taking on the ocean.

A hull, therefore, that does not give up the comfortable spaces needed for long cruising but, at the same time, features a powerful hull capable of tackling all kinds of seas. Compared to Euphoria 54, one can see a different design of the cockpit, with high wave guards and a closed stern, which is advanced and protected, in view of possible exits to the ocean.

German Frers describes his sailing feelings this way, “The construction of this boat is of the highest quality, and everything on board, from the rigging to the deck equipment to the onboard systems, works perfectly. The boat is fast, responsive, with good stability. Her clean deck and comfortable interior are really well made with good finishes, and the cockpit is large and well thought out. I am very proud of this model.”

Euphoria 68 – Navigation

Control and maneuverability of the Euphoria 68 is provided by the dual wheelhouse, the wheels of which are integrated into a fully equipped console with toe-boards. Next to the wheels are four winches to bring the rigging close to the helmsman, who can thus make himself as autonomous as possible from the rest of the crew, following the modern dictates of easy-sailing. Two toe boards built into the deck allow the helmsman to comfortably steer the boat upwind, while removable seating can be taken advantage of by sailing to the upwinds.


Control and maneuverability

The hydraulic backstay and vang, along with the park avenue boom and rigging running in the deckhouse ensure perfect mainsail and jib control in all conditions. The presence of a double rudder blade ensures perfect control not only when sailing with the boat heeling, but also when maneuvering. The presence of an asymmetrical spinnaker of as much as 463 square meters ensures fun and power even at the portals and effortless cruising.


The deckhouse of the Euphoria 68 is streamlined and the flush deck-housing nine flush-mounted hatches to which are added the eight portholes on the bulwarks that provide light and ventilation to the interior-and there is no shortage, even in the bow, of spaces to comfortably sunbathe.

The cockpit (22 square meters) is designed to ensure easy maneuvering while providing guests with maximum comfort while sailing. Ten people, comfortably seated, find a place on the two 2.80-meter benches that can also be used as chaise lounges. The reclining table is supported by two stainless steel legs, and its folding tops ensure crew and guests convenient movement when closed.

Euphoria 68

Lightness and rigidity

The hull and structural components are made by infusion with vinylester resins. A combination of E-Glass Uni, Bi-directional and carbon fibers are strategically placed at the highest stress points to ensure rigidity of the artifact while decreasing weight. A carbon composite was also used in making the shrouds, while the backstay is made of stainless steel.


The work of Design Unlimited, already from the first photographs taken in June one can appreciate the interior plan with the solutions of the owner’s choice: the “A” layout of the Euphoria 68 favors privacy with the master cabin aft separated from the galley and crew area that find space in the bow.

The heart of the project is a square that reaches 22 square meters. The natural light, indirect LED light system, seamless integration of the chart area, Bose system, and retractable TV make this area a perfect environment during long sailings.

Euphoria 68

The large windows give incomparable brightness to the square, where fine woods and a light, natural color palette stand out, giving the room a fresh, contemporary feel.

Customization of the interior is one of the strengths of this blue ocean cruiser: options include having the owner’s cabin forward or other arrangements, already designed by the shipyard.


The through-decks are perfectly integrated into the deck so that a perfect flush deck effect is achieved. Adding to this effect, one of the strengths of the Euphoria range, is the stowage system for the large sprayhood (1.8 meters long and 3.1 meters wide), which is housed in a dedicated and integrated space forward of the hatch.

The carbon and teak-covered aft platform works through a hydraulic system and gives at the same time a true terrace on the sea and access to the huge garage (which is hidden even with the platform open) capable of accommodating a 2.6-meter tender and other bulky accessories (such as the bimini cover system).

Data sheet

Length f.t. 21,04 m
Length at waterline 19,53 m
Baglio 5,9 m
Fishing 3,80 m
Displacement 32,000 kg
CE Certificate Category A
Mainsail surface 150 square meters (with square top)
Surface flake 117 square meters
Asymmetric spi 463 square meters
Cabins 3 1 (crew)
Exterior Design and Naval Architecture German Frérs
Interior styling & design Design Unlimited



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