Elan E6

Elan E6, ultra-high performance and unmistakable design

Elan E6 is the 47-footer created by combining the Slovenian shipyard’s experience with the prestigious Italian design studio Pininfarina and composite specialists Gurit. The result is an ultra-high performance yacht with an unmistakable design and composite technology of the highest level on the market.

All the features that have made Elan’s E-line iconic-the T-bulb, the angled hull, and the two blades in the water-loved by sailors who seek high performance-are present. The interior of the Elan E6 was designed by Pininfarina to make the most of life at sea, without sacrificing beauty: from the ultra-light and elegant okoume furniture to the carefully selected color combinations, through the rear cabins to the island bed in the master cabin, you get the feeling of a luxurious and sophisticated boat with modern styling and sporty forms.

Elan E6 – Interior

The aesthetics of this boat are taken care of by Pininfarina, and the Italian soul of the interior design can be seen a lot. The studio’s unmistakable touch and style are clearly evident in the finishes and furnishings. The minimalist style actually highlights small details, with goodies such as the hexagonal element that is recalled in several places such as the ladder, table, and cushions. The 15.3 meters in length are put to great use, as are the nearly 4.5 meters of maximum beam.

Elan E6 – Exterior

The Elan E6 represents the perfect mix of different souls. The vocation of this yacht is to be a “multipurpose, 60 percent racing and 60 percent cruising” boat, as Rob Humphreys, who designed it, likes to call it. The boat is fast and easy to steer, although it is at its best when steered by an experienced sailor. The Elan E6 performs very well in low wind conditions, but becomes fun when weather conditions allow it to reach high speeds. The deck is very clean and allows for ideal views toward the bow and the horizon. The cockpit is very large, as is the bow triangle, and the dolphin bay is very pronounced.

Elan E6 – The Sailing Newspaper Test

Elan E6 – Data Sheet

  • Overall length: 15.30 m
  • Length at the waterline: 13.68 m
  • Width: 4.49 m
  • Draft std/opt: 2.80/2.40 m
  • Displacement: 11,250 kg
  • Ballast: 3,267 kg
  • Mainsail: 68.56 square meters
  • Flake: 53.71 square meters
  • Gennaker: 201.70 sqm
  • Volvo std engine: 50 hp
  • Yanmar opt engine: 57 hp

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