Dufour 360

Dufour 360: design and practicality

The Dufour 360 is a 10-meter sailboat with a waterline length of 9.99 meters. It is therefore a vessel that does not require registration in Italy. This Dufour sailboat is designed for cruising with friends and even longer sailings.

For Dufour, design and practicality are not only synonymous with large boats, but an absolute prerogative of smaller units as well. Every sailboat deserves the best, and the Dufour 360 is no different, boasting all the innovations and features in the range. This winning bet distinguishes the Dufour 360 and makes it unique. A fast and stable hull at any speed, a fully equipped wheelhouse and an immense cockpit surrounded by rear seats with a full galley. And this Dufour sailboat has a lot to offer inside. The lounge’s double bench can accommodate up to eight guests at the table.

Whether it’s a trip to the coast with the family, a regatta with friends or a round-the-world sailing trip, the Dufour 360 aspires to offer sensational fun under any circumstances.

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The exteriors of Dufour 360

Aboard this Dufour sailboat it is a joy to sail with a crew or solo. The arrangement of the central bridge and its wide side decks ensure easy and safe movement.

Dufour 360

Dufour 360



Available with two or three cabins, this 10-meter sailboat, the Dufour 360 will fit your needs perfectly. The versatile lounge option offers an additional bed. The large parlor table is flanked by benches to port and starboard, a great way to enjoy the beautiful dining area with your guests. Tables fold down during the day to free up space. The interiors are spacious and bright with a modular layout designed to suit the needs of each owner.

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