Dubrovnik – Elaphite

An ancient and magnificent city in Croatia, Dubrovnik is “only” the end point of a cruise that departs a few miles further north where the delightful and wild Elaphite Islands are discovered. Almost all of them sparsely inhabited by humans since ancient times, the 13 islands of the Elaphite archipelago look like small flower gardens emerging from the sea.

Dubrovnik Croatia: Slano and the Elaphites

If the nearest safe harbor is the village of Slano (42°46′ 50N – 17°52′ 30E), the Elafiti are a little lost paradise easy to find by boat. There are four main islands and they are visited starting from Jakljan (42°44′ 40N – 17°49′ 80E), which is the northernmost one: on its coast there are many coves where the water depth is on the 5 meters, perfect for snorkelers. Not far away is then Sipan (42°43′ 80N – 17°52′ 00E), the largest of the group: at its extreme northern point facing Jakljan, it hosts a small, pretty bay sheltered by the islet Misnjac.

It is then on its west coast that the delightful cove of Luka Sipanska opens up. From Sipan we move on to Lopud (42°41′ 50N – 17°56′ 45E), whose name means the middle island: on its south coast, Sunj Bay (42°40′ 81N – 17°57′ 17E), famous for its crystal-clear water, is worth a stop. The southernmost island of the four is then Kolocep (42°40′ 75N – 18°00′ 30E): one cannot leave it without visiting the enchanting cove of Gornje Celo, with its emerald-colored sea.

Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia

A few miles of sailing and there rise the lofty walls of the mythical Dubrovnik, Croatia, a UNESCO-protected city that was the seat of the ancient maritime republic of Dubrovnik and today is home to a beautiful old town in which unique monuments such as Loggia Square, Rectors’ Palace and the Cathedral are admired. Not far from which one docks at the Old Port (42°38′ 45N – 18°06′ 75E), while for a “city” swim one goes to the Gradska Plaza beach, a long narrow strip of golden sand that provides a splendid view of the old town.


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