Dehler 30 One Design

Dehler 30 One Design

Since it is a one-design boat, the Dehler 30 One Design is offered with full outfitting: with a carbon mast, double rudder, aluminum fin keel and 900 kg lead bulb, two 200-liter water tanks with the function of ballasts, the Dehler Stealth Drive system, detachable bowsprit, and a sporty interior layout that does not sacrifice comfort.

A team of specialists has created a boat that achieves the optimal balance between speed and handling through the use of the latest technology. You can switch from race mode to cruise mode in a few simple moves.




Due to its high-quality composite construction, the boat has great structural strength but has a displacement of only 2.8 tons. The one-piece carbon mast is easy to trim, and its aluminum boom extends to the maximum allowable length. And thanks to the mast with step insertion in the deck, there is no possibility of water seepage below deck.

The long, straight stern hull minimizes the wetted area and keeps the boat stable at speed. And to top it all off, the vertical bow generates dynamic buoyancy while sailing and crosses waves with minimal resistance. The hull is equipped with the latest version of the “Dehler Carbon Cage” structure, which evenly distributes the hull load over its high-strength structure.

Dehler 30 One Design

The design of the Dehler 30 od also features a bowsprit and bombress bridle, which prevents it from bending under Gennaker or Code Zero loads, so all the pressure is converted into speed. For recreational sailing, the bowsprit can be easily removed.

T-shaped keel, 2.2 m deep, with lead bulb and twin rudders. Due to the wide base, mast compression is limited and the sail center is as low as possible. The square mainsail allows a large sail area. All together it is an absolutely state-of-the-art sail plan. The 200-liter liquid ballast tanks are easy to use, providing additional stability for small crews.


The Dehler 30 One Design’s steering system is all above deck, all visible and easily accessible, to keep repairs and maintenance simple. Only two people on board are able to maintain full control at all times.

Dehler 30 One Design

External highlights

  • Double hand or small crews: the powerful offshore one design is always the right answer. The 200-liter ballast tanks provide even more stability and the best possible trim.
  • Using the highest quality composite materials, this boat built by the infusion process boasts extremely high structural strength to hold its own in high seas racing.
  • The detachable bowsprit allows for ease of maneuvering in port and simultaneously relaxing sailing vacations.
  • The carbon shaft on the easy trim deck shifts the center of gravity downward while simultaneously ensuring the watertightness of the interior.
  • Outrigger for better gennaker control and higher speeds.
  • Dual rudders for maximum control on any course.
  • Dehler Stealth Drive: a removable propulsion unit operated on the bridge with a lever, always ready for use at a moment’s notice and hidden in the hull when not in use.
  • Non-slip mat in the cockpit with insulating effect to prevent excessive cooling during long seated sailing.
  • Sliding splash guard with 3D window for perfect visibility from the ladder
  • Smart storage compartments for safety equipment and leisure gear.
  • Aluminum keel drift produced by die casting provides high bending strength while reducing weight.
  • The 900-kg hydrodynamic lead bulb enables enormous speed potential and high straightening torque.


With a height of 1.82 m below deck, she offers the essential comfort for a cruising yacht. The Dehler 30 One Design is rich in innovation, but not in weight. The interior is designed with lightweight, detachable elements to make the Dehler 30 od ready for racing at any time. The toilet is aircraft-derived, to be lightweight. A folding fabric screen on flexible hinges separates the bathroom from the living room. Sleeps 6, a double crew berth in the bow and two twin berths in the stern. In addition, the two benches in the hall can be used as sleeping places. The kitchen is well equipped. Dehler 30 One Design includes a gas stove, sink with flexible faucet and foot pump, standard-size refrigerator recess, and a 12-volt outlet.


DEHLER 30 ONE DESIGN – Interior Highlight

  • Two comfortable aft bunks and a large double berth in the bow that can also be used as storage space for the sail.
  • Engineering compartment accessible from both aft bunks for engine and hull valve maintenance. Storage compartments provide enough space to store personal items.
  • Hull upholstery in technical mesh fabric so fashionable for sporty yet cozy environments.
  • The waterproof molded wood couches when raised leave plenty of storage space while racing, with the padding on the forward berth wall covering proving to be really comfortable.
  • Collision bulkhead with watertight inspection hatch for maximum safety at sea.
  • For the first time, Dehler is using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are convincing for their low weight, fast charging and stable location.
  • Lightweight freshwater tank made of flexible material with manual foot pump.
  • Flexible galley with enough space to store food and cooking utensils, standard with gas stove with electric ignition with very high efficiency.
  • Non-slip coating of living room floors to stand safely below deck.
  • Separable bathroom from the living room with a closable prying protection.
  • Large rooms due to the open and light bulkheads typical of a racing yacht.




Dehler 30 One Design has a propeller that comes out only when needed. The small diesel engine is coupled to a retractable drive shaft. Once folded, the propeller is hidden inside the hull, which is hermetically sealed. No water resistance and no chance of nets, seaweed or other objects getting caught.

Data Sheet

LOA 10,30 m
Beam 3,28 m
Draught T-keel 2,20 m
Displacement T-keel 940 kg
Waterballast 200 kg
Diesel Engine 9.9 hp
Tank Fresh Water 40 l
Tank Fuel 25 l
CE certified A-4/B-6
Rig IG 12,20 m
Rig J 4,10 m
Rig P 12,00 m
Rig E 3,90 m
Mainsail 33,50 m²
Jib (105%) 28,20 m²
Freeride 52,00 m²
A2 Gennaker 100,00 m²
A5 Gennaker 85,00 m²
Staysail 15,00 m²
Design Judel/Vrolijk & Co.



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