Coral View 250

Coral View 250 – Fully Transparent Tender

The result of combining tradition, forms handed down by shipwrights and the latest technology, the 2.50-meter-long transparent boat Coral View 250 is also optimized for an electric motor.

A solution that, together with the characteristic transparent panoramic view that can be enjoyed on this boat, really opens up new scenarios for those who want to reach and discover the most hidden bays that are forbidden to boats with traditional engines.

The Coral View 250 transparent boat is made of impact-resistant, saltproof and UV-resistant polycarbonate. It is complete with rowlocks, pair of oars and seats and can take two people on board. The maximum installable engine power is 3.9 horsepower.

VERGAPlast Coral View 250 – Data Sheet

Hull: displacement round

Material: Polycarbonate shockproof, saltproof and uvproof

Type of construction: single shell

Length: 2 .49 m

Width: 1 .27 m

Weight: 37 kg

People capacity: 2

Short shank motor up to: max 2.90 kW (3.9 Hp)

Complete with: rowlocks, pair of oars and seats.



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